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The Tags subgroup will work with developers to outline functional requirements for the FOLIO tag application. Tags will be applicable to any FOLIO app that chooses to use them. Because they are especially important to acquisitions, the subgroup will act under the auspices of the RM SIG; however members of the subgroup may cross into other SIGs as well. 

Tags subgroup members

NameOrganizationTime ZoneNotes
EBSCOETTags subgroup convener & PO
EBSCOPTRA SIG, Reserves subgroup PO
StacksMTAcquisitions PO
Index DataCETAnalyst & PO Inventory app, Codex Search app
Univ of ChicagoCTData Management
SamhaengCETUX Designer
EBSCOETBackup UX Designer
Texas A&MCT

Reporting SIG, Collection Development, Acquisitions

Background information: 

Tags subgroup Discuss post: 

Tags UX Iteration 1: 

UX 6: Tags: Where will tags be stored. In what apps might they be used, should there be a global list of tags? (FOLIO Madrid Summit 2018):

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