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Discussion items

10Introductions for new members John and Sharongroup
15Report from last PC Meeting - FOLIO V1 Dev Milestone plan

Harry Kaplanian presented an update on the FOLIO Roadmap, also called Milestone Plan. The update is still under work, thus inofficial. The currently official version of the document can be found here . Concerning Reporting, this plan says that

  1. "Define Logging needs" will be charge of the SIG and should be completed by Oct 31st.
  2. "Review & Select System" will be carried out by Qulto and the Product Owner will be Katalin Lovagné Szűcs . A designer has not yet been appointed. The timeframe for "Review and Select System" will be Nov. 2017 through January 2018.
  3. "Integrate Reporting" will be also carried out by Qulto with Katalin as the Product Owner. A designer has not yet been appointed. The timeframe for "Intergrate Reporting" is Feb. 2018 through May 2018.

The solution will be "some kind of a data warehousing system" (as we already know). "Strategic Reporting" will be taken care of (=Reporting to external, the public ?). There will be "In-App"-Reporting when live data is needed. The data warehouse concept will also collect data from outside the apps.

Concerning the development of a Reporting system, the question is "build one or adapt one ?". Harry (and the team) have decided to review OpenSource options and to adapt a system.

20Continue discussion on collection of MARC Bibliographic Fields required for Reporting and MARC Holdings Fields required for Reportinggroup

 It is a lot of work for everyone to fill in all the fields that we need. Again, we need all the fields. It may make sense to fill in the form for only the most important fields. We also observed that different consortia, institutions or countries may put the same contents into different places in the MARC record. So, filling out the spreadsheet actually requires knowledge of the local cataloging habits and it must be documented for which country/consortia/institution... this mapping is valid. This does not make the task easier.

We could go ahead and form a working group to list the needed MARC fields that but we decided that it makes more sense to talk to Katalin before in order to avoid duplicate work. Sharon has already scheduled a meeting with Katalin (on Thursday, Oct 26th). 

It was mentioned that a utility to export data (from the apps to a centralized platform) will also be needed elsewhere in the system, not only for reporting. A separate utility would do the export (form MARC to Codex ?). We should be taking part in the discussions about the development of such a utility, giving our requirements. We have to find out where souch a utility will be or is already being developed, maybe the Metadata SIG can help us with that (Charlotte is in the Metadata SIG, Charlotte and Doreen will chat about that).


Ingolf will take a day off on Oct 30th.

Sharon will chair the Meeting on Oct 30th and from then on will be the Convener of the SIG (Ingolf will stay a member of the SIG).

Ingolf will be on the FOLIO Information Day in Stuttgart and will give a report on any new developments he will hear about there the next time in the SIG. Ingolf will report on the Information Day about the works and charges of the Reporting SIG (and other SIGs). The target audience of the information day are "interested decision-makers, practitioners and specialists (developers und system librarians) from the German-speaking library-landscape". There are about 100 registrations. Recently, the Bavarian Library Network, located in southern Germany, expressed interest in FOLIO (the currenty team, OLE-Germany, only comprises the networks hbz and GBV, which represent most libraries in the northern, mid- and mid-western part of Germany).


Ingolf reviewed the project roadmap – (FOLIO V1 Dev and Milestone Plan 2) which shows key project milestones and timelines:

  • One project item listed (scheduled for Nov 2017 – June 2018) is to review open source reporting systems and chose one to adapt to our needs.  Q: will the system be serving as a front-end system, or both front-end and database system? Ingolf will talk to Harry Kaplanian about this on Weds at the meeting in Stuttgart.
  • We agreed to invite Katalin Szucs (owner of Qulto, a company that provides software and hardware tools for library records and operations) to our SIG meetings.


At the last meeting we were asked to identify MARC fields (Bib and Holdings) that were key to creating the reports needed. Ingolf began spreadsheets for these:



  • Each needed field is keyed to the report that uses it, via the Report ID. The Report ID found on the Reporting SIG Master Spreadsheet:
  • We need to know how the developers will be using this information and what their timeline is, so we can work toward meeting that deadline
  • Ingolf and Sharon will set a meeting with Katalin to establish what their needs are and their timeframe
  • SIG members should enter the MARC fields they need for their reports on the sheets Ingolf started (reference: see for field definitions) and do this soon so that Katalin can review the list before she joins us
  • We need to involve the Metadata SIG in this
  • Q: will there be a way to add needed fields after the fact? If not, we need access to the operational system if we find that needed elements are not in the Reporting system
  • We need to be able to export the whole record. Peter said there would be a separate utility to enable exporting full records, but not within the Reporting system. Q: where else would this functionality be needed?

 - Joanne Leary note taker

Action items