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  • @Sharon Beltaine
  • @Ingolf Kuss
  • @Katalin Lovagne Szucs
  • Robert Sass
  • @Joanne Leary
  • @Anne Highsmith
  • @Peter Murray
  • Charlotte Whitt
  • @Simona Tabacaru
  • @Scott Perry
  • @George Stachokas
  • @Doreen Herold
  • Vince Bareau
  • Harry Kaplanian
  • @Michael Winkler

  • Christine Wise
  • John Krug

  • @Tod Olson


  • updates from subgroups
  • introduce new members
  • discuss data types needed
  • continue technical architecture discussion
  • build next meeting agenda

Discussion items

5minAssign notetaker, add items to agenda, add affiliation to Zoom nameSharon

Notetaker: Joanne Leary

*To add your affiliation to your Zoom participant name: hover over your participant name, select Rename, use format of name - affiliation, as in "Sharon Beltaine - Cornell University," check "Remember my name for future meetings," and click OK

 5minIntroduce Tod OlsonSharon
5minNew questions for HBZIngolf Kuss- the new DBS statistics survey for the libraries for 2018 (to be answered from January 2019 on) came out. It "better maps" the "modern services of research libraries". More than 100 questions have been dropped, nearly 30 added and several were revised. I could quickly summarize the most important changes (5 Min) . I should add the changes to the Master Spreadsheet.
5minMARC Subgroup reports on their 11/13/17 meetingMARC SubgroupHow to document your institution's MARC field requirements and develop your institution's use cases
10minWhat data types do we need?George Stachokas
10minReport on RM Tagging Small Group Meeting on 11/17/17George Stachokas, Scott Perry, Sharon Beltaine

FOLIO Acquisitions Small Group: Discussion of Tags with Reporting Group Reps Meeting on 11/17/17

-minutes from Anne-Marie Breaux on the tagging meeting

-quick notes from Sharon on the tagging meeting

15minData Lakes and Data WarehousesPeter MurrayContinuing discussion thread and answering questions on reporting tool technical architecture
5minBuild Agenda for next meeting (Nov 27)ALL

Next (Nov 27) Meeting: (Technical Architecture focus)

-"Paradigm Shift" Subgroup reports on strategies for developing Reporting requirements given the proposed within-module/cross-module technical design for reporting functionality

-Vince Bareau to discuss how the design of the CODEX will impact reporting functionality

-Peter Murray to discuss Data Lakes and Data Warehouses (see discussion thread here)

-Other topics?

-Dec 4 Meeting: George Stachokas to talk about how he has included Acquisitions data elements into the Reporting SIG Master Spreadsheet (or has captured this in another document)


Attending: Michael Winkler, Katalin Szucs, Sharon Beltaine, Tod Olson, Anne Highsmith, Doreen Herold, Joanne Leary, Ingolf Kusse, Scott Perry, Simona Tabacaru, George Stachokas

Tod Olson, (University of Chicago) introduced himself. He has been part of the ILS world at the U of Chicago and has a long history of managing their data.

Ingolf summarized the recent changes in HBZ annual statistics reports. The changes cover four areas: print collections, digital collections, usage of e-resources, and staff. The changes must be reflected in our reporting requirements specifications for FOLIO. Ingolf will update the spreadsheet.

MARC field subgroup: Sharon summarized where we are with this:

  • SIG members should update the MARC fields requirements spreadsheet, including the standard MARC and local field requirements for their institutions, for both BIB and Holdings data
  • Sharon will create a new tab on our spreadsheet that for entering examples of reports that use data from a single app, and those that use cross-module data. The examples entered on the spreadsheet should illustrate the range of purpose that the reports are used for; for example, we may show reports that are meant for administrative use and those used for reviewing work or problem solving. Our examples will be useful examples for the developers to refer to as they build the reporting architecture.

Data types: we will try to create a document that lists what kind of data types are needed in each app. For example, the Acquisitions app will need data elements for funds, vendors, processing/shipping costs, subscriptions, etc. In terms of cross-module data, there will be a need to join the acquisitions data with usage data. We need to track cost, transaction history for all funds, payment history for serials, cost increases for subscriptions, and track work by operator; and export all results as needed. (Fundamental questions: what apps will there be and what data will they have in them? Peter suggested that we look at the V1 Milestone spreadsheet to see what it says about apps.) George will try to draft a document showing what data elements are needed for reporting purposes, at least for Acquisitions.

Tagging: Scott asked whether tagging will be global to FOLIO or created on an in-app and/or per-institution basis? Joanne asked what purpose the tags will serve and how the tags will be controlled and applied in a consistent and meaningful way? Each institution should be able to oversee the creation and application of their tags, and control who can apply them through permissions. Tagging must be tested when the time comes. (Reporting should be tested as it is developed as well.)

Next week: technical discussion of Peter’s data lake/data warehouse concept. Joanne will add her questions to the discussion forum.

Action items