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  • @Sharon Beltaine
  • @Ingolf Kuss
  • @Katalin Lovagné Szűcs
  • @Robert Sass
  • @Joanne Leary
  • Anne L. Highsmith
  • Peter Murray
  • Charlotte Whitt
  • @Simona Tabacaru
  • @Scott Perry
  • @Doreen Herold
  • @Vince Bareau
  • Harry Kaplanian
  • Michael Winkler

  • @Christine Wise
  • John Krug

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  • @Claudius Herkt-Januschek

  • Ginny Boyer
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  • review reporting use cases

Discussion items


Assign notetaker,

take attendance,

review agenda


Previous Notetaker: Scott Perry

Today's Notetaker: Vince Bareau

 Convener coverage and MLK Day meetingSharon

Need Reporting SIG Convener for January 22 Meeting (Sharon at Folio Conference) - Cancelling due to Folio Developers Meet-up

Should we have a Jan 15 Meeting (MLK Day)? Canceling.

Reconvene on Jan 29, email check-ins during the gap

Reporting RequirementsAll

Review Reporting Use Cases for Frequency criteria, within-app, cross-app, and cross-system functionality, and new "Wish List" worksheet in the Folio Reporting Requirements document: Reporting SIG master spreadsheet

  • Wish List = reports not currently possible due to limitations of existing reporting systems. Use the "sample report" column to flag
  • Texas A&M: list is completely captured in spreadsheet
  • Hamburg: many items are new "wish list" items?
  • Chicago: mix of existing and "wish list" items. More to be added.

Encouraged to capture requirements for "stats_external_to_library" (external reporting) to ensure a comprehensive list.

Reporting systems need to fully support diacritics: Folio will support utf-8 which will make it a non-issue.

  • correct display of diacritics
  • recognize diacritics for sorting - sorting will need to support locale specific rules.

Exporting of catalog lists (e.g. for weeding of stacks). Lists of titles to be potentially weeded to be provide to decision makers. Should be moved to the Import/Export tab from Metadata Management.

Tod to add cross-app reporting needs to Metadata Management tab. Used for data integrity checks.

Cleanup needed on enumerations (ID column A) to remove gaps.

Review RolesAll

Review Reporting SIG Roles for completeness

  • did not discuss

Data DictionaryAll

Is someone developing a Data Dictionary for Folio?

  • did not discuss

Other topics?
Other Topics?

Next Meeting AgendaAll

-topics for next meeting?

-Christina Raus to join us to discuss datawarehouse design (Peter Murray scheduling this - please do not schedule this for January 22 Reporting SIG meeting)

  • schedule for meeting of Jan 29
  • Include Peter in meeting

-Paolo at Duke to talk about the mechanics of Elements to help us get a better understanding of aggregated data across distributed knowledgebases (Ginny Boyer scheduling this)

-Sharon to go over communication points discussed in 1/18/18 PC meeting

-Update on the Folio Madrid Developers Meeting from those who attended

-developing a Data Dictionary

-introduce new Reporting SIG member Lina Lakhia, from SOAS

-Review new page on Joining the Reporting SIG

Action items