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  • project communication updates
  • new members
  • Inventory App Demo
  • Developer Meeting updates
  • plan future topics

Discussion items


Assign notetaker,

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Previous Notetaker: Vince Bareau

Today's Notetaker: Ingolf

general updatesSharon

-communication on the Folio project: more use of Discuss, points from 1/18/18 PC meeting

-new page on Joining the Folio SIG

  new members Lina and Michael

 Introduce our new Reporting SIG Members:

 Lina Lakhia from SOAS. Lina is Project Manager for LMS at SOAS.

Michael Patrick from the University of Alabama. Michael is a Reporting specialist. He is working with acquisitions, regular monthly reports and updates.

Inventory appCharlotte

Demonstration of the new Local Inventory app in Folio.

Charlotte presents the Inventory app in the Alpha version of FOLIO. It was also presented in the Stable version in Madrid. The Alpha version has test records loaded (not so much Holdings and Items yet).

The search box makes a preselection based on the first three characters typed in (the limitation to three letters is for performance reasons). The system has a pretty good response time, even though it is "Alpha".

Filters, that have been put up:

  • Resource Type
  • Language
  • Location .

The metadata for Instance elements have been specified in a subgroup in the summer (2017) with Kathryn Harnish. Two working groups in the Metadata Management SIG worked on this in November and December. They reviewed existing elements and suggested missing ones. The new elements will be implemented in Beta.

The hierarchy for Instance data is: Instance : Holdings - Items. Items can be added to a holding. It is also possible to clone a record.

There is a date picker feature. The "data added" and the "date last modified" can be put on top of the display. A change tracker the person who last changed. This is a sort of auditing that was requested by the MM SIG.

The display page of inventory records offers a link to the original record (metadata source, it need not be, but can be, a MARC record). Thus, after migration, one will still have access to the original MARC record. @Cult will supply a MARC Editing Tool. FOLIO will then convert to the Codex format, used by the Inventory app.

The Holdings record is also in Codex format, but might be edited in MARC Holdings data. It might also be edited directly as FOLIO Holding record.

The Timings for the developments at @Cult are summer 2018 and end of 2018 (deadlines).

Filip Jakobsen has made a video of his refined design ideas for the Inventory, UX iteration 2 . Is is highly recommended for us to watch this video (24 minutes). He put that on the Discuss space of the MM SIG.

Developer Meeting updatesSharon, Vince, Peter, Harry, Mike, Katalin, Robert, others?

Updates on Folio Reporting from the Developer Meeting:

Reporting Tools List:


-Microsoft Access

-"R" (language)

-Excel export

-Crystal Reports

There were two breakout sessions in Madrid that focused on Reporting:

Report 1 Session Notes

This session focused on V1 requirements for in-app reporting. It also addressed the role of the Product Onwer.

    • What can be done within applications and what externally ?
    • Cirulation reports are a good area to start with in-app reports.
    • Visualizations need to be talked about more. There is the idea of having dashboards; a "proxy" for a report. There you can choose whether you want to have ouput as a pie chart, a table or others.
    • a document with 10 points defining the role of the Product Owner was prepared.

Please review the Session Notes and feel free to give your feedback here:

Report 2 Session Notes

This session was about getting the data out and into a data lake or data warehouse, thus about external reporting.

The focus of developments will be will be on the data (lake) first. The second step will be the in-app reporting facilities.

Data conversion possibilities were discussed (ideas from Jeremy Huff). We have to think: is this going to work im my institution ? A lot of work is still going on in making specifications. We then need to do a testing of the data lake with reporting tools. March 1st: Begin of availability of testing the data lake environment.

Please review the Session Notes and feel free to give your feedback here:

Report Tools Comparison

Product Owner Role for Reporting

Agenda updatesAll

Topics in the queue for future meetings:

-data integration presentation by Paolo from Duke

-Christina Raus to discuss datawarehouse design

-data dictionary

-data lakes

-more topics?

Action items