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Sharon BeltaineCornell University
Peter MurrayIndex Data

Elizabeth BerneyDuke University
Erin NettifeeDuke University

Joyce ChapmanDuke University
Karen NewberyDuke University

Elizabeth EdwardsUniversity of Chicago
Tod OlsonUniversity of Chicago

Claudius Herkt-JanuschekSUB Hamburg
Scott PerryUniversity of Chicago

Doreen HeroldLehigh University
Robert SassQulto

Anne L. HighsmithTexas A&M
Simona TabacaruTexas A&M

Vince BareauEBSCO
Mark VekslerEBSCO

Harry KaplanianEBSCO
Kevin WalkerThe University of Alabama

Ingolf Kusshbz
Charlotte WhittIndex Data

Lina LakhiaSOAS

Michael Winkler


Joanne LearyCornell University
Uschi KluteGBV

Michael PatrickThe University of Alabama
Holly MistlebauerCornell University

Nassib NassarIndex Data
Angela Zoss

Duke University

Veit KöppenUniversity Magdeburg                Anna KnyazevaNew attendee

Discussion items

Assign Notetaker, Take Attendance, Review agendaSharon

Today's notetaker: ?

Last week's notetaker: Kevin Walker

eUsage Demo & DiscussionAnnika SchröerAnnika Schröer from the ERM eUsage Subgroup will provide a demonstration of the eUsage app and discuss reporting needs related to this endeavor, such as using the Library Reporting Database (data warehouse). See JIRA ticket UXPROD-576 for more information.
In-App ReportsHolly

Holly will discuss some updates on the development of in-app report functionality, and will ask some questions about in app report requirements.

    • ID474 seems like an on-line feature (not a report) that everyone would want to have.  (It's not marked as real-time, but Holly noticed it above ID475.)
    • ID475 as described doesn't seem useful.  Does it really contain everything currently checked out from circ desk?  Is there a better way to produce what library is looking for?  Everything checked out by faculty that just became overdue?  Reserve items?  2-hour/2-day loans?

Reporting FunctionalitySharonRESCHEDULE FOR JANUARY 7: Sharon will review list of candidates to recategorize as "reporting functionality" instead of individual reports on the Reporting SIG Master Spreadsheet.
User Management Reporting Requirements Gap AnalysisAllWe will review the results of a meeting with Reporting SIG, UM SIG, and RA SIG representatives to find features to help distinguish UM reports from RA reports, and to complete a User Management reporting gaps analysis. Please note that additional User Management reports have been added to the Reporting SIG Master Spreadsheet of reporting requirements.

Topics for Future Meetings


Review and update Topics for Future Reporting SIG Meetings

Other Topics?AllAny other topics to discuss today?

Action items

  • Sharon will meet with Ann-Marie Breaux on Import-Export reports and bring notes back to Reporting SIG
  • Sharon to review ARES-related Resource Access reports with real-time data requirements with Darcy Branchini and bring notes back to Reporting SIG
  • All SIG members: Please review the FOLIO In-App versus Data Warehouse Reports document Holly has drafted and add any comments you may have