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Discussion items

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Action ItemsReview and update Action Items
Circ Item Detail Report Prototype

Review FOLIO attributes in the Circ Item Detail Report Prototype and focus on the location elements to be sure they are correct. Cate Boerema (Loans PO) and possibly Marc Johnson (Loans developer) will join us to assist.

Notes from Previous Meetings:

-Kevin updated attributes to point to mod inventory storage (moving away from business logic modules and focusing on the storage logic modules)

-need to update Loan Date element path to come from mod circulation storage?

-should we add institution, campus, library id, and permanentlocationID from mod inventory storage?

Knowing the checkout location was not part of the original intent, but it’s good information to add if you want to do that. This was just a tester query to show details about items checked out in a given date range, and show basic demographics about the patrons who checked them out (=patron group).

Notes from Cate and Marc

-checkout location is service point (circ desks)

-location at holding and item

-temp location trumps perm, etc

-locations work with business logic to sort out where the thing should be shelved

-inventory and circulation work out effective location = dynamic when you are viewing the item; see UXPROD 1432

-show effective location (holdings location) from business logic module, service point, loan policy

-future: audit trail for location?

-FOLIO has loan action history

Other Notes

-dynamic calculation will be done when the data gets pulled from the FOLIO modules to the LDP; how does this impact time data points for report accuracy?

-without streaming updates, we will run incremental updates frequently in the LDP

-next step is to see RA and Reporting SIGs about locations

eUsage Project

Please take a look at the documentation for API data elements from the eUsage app development team.

eUsage API data elements documentation:

  • the "counter-reports" worksheet shows the metadata for the harvested reports.
  • for eUsage, we do not actually save the single data fields of each report, but the monthly reports as a whole, with metadata to identify them

eUsage UI presentation:
The eUsage UI design includes a statistics previews backend that queries specific reports (identified by provider, date range, metric type etc.) and then processes the full report

Here is a presentation explaining this design with an example:

For our next meeting...

Review eUsage data element documentation and UI links above, along with related reports the Reporting SIG Master Spreadsheet list of reporting requirements, then bring your suggestions on our first eUsage report data model to our next meeting

Next meeting of the Report Prototype WG is scheduled for Monday, April 1 at 10:00am EST

Action Items

  • Sharon Beltaine will move AquadataStudio documentation from Tod Olson into Tools documentation
  • Sharon Beltaine will update the Circ Item Detail report to prepare for RPWG to review on 3/25/19
  • Kevin W. Walker will move MS Access documentation into Tools documentation