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XSharon BeltaineCornell UniversityXSara ColglazierMount Holyoke College/Five Colleges

Elizabeth BerneyDuke University
Erin NettifeeDuke University

Joyce ChapmanDuke University
Karen NewberyDuke University

Elizabeth EdwardsUniversity of Chicago
Tod OlsonUniversity of Chicago
XClaudius Herkt-JanuschekSUB HamburgXScott PerryUniversity of Chicago


Doreen HeroldLehigh University
Stefan StadtherrMPIL Heidelberg
XAnne L. HighsmithTexas A&M
Simona TabacaruTexas A&M

Harry KaplanianEBSCOXKevin WalkerThe University of Alabama
XIngolf Kusshbz
Charlotte WhittIndex Data

Lina LakhiaSOAS

Michael Winkler

XJoanne LearyCornell University
Uschi KluteGBV
XMichael PatrickThe University of Alabama
Holly MistlebauerCornell University
XNassib NassarIndex DataXAngela Zoss

Duke University

XVeit KöppenUniversity Magdeburg
Lisa DeCarolisSmith College/Five Colleges
XLinda MillerCornell University

Discussion Items




Assign Notetaker, Assign Attendance Taker, Review agendaSharon

Today's Attendance Taker: Tod Olson

Today's notetaker: Kevin Walker

Last week's notetaker: Scott Perry

Update and Demos from the LDP Report Working Group (Continued from last week)Angela, Kevin, Tod, Sharon, Eric, Scott, Michael, Claudius, Veit

The LDP Report Working Group will give an update on progress and some demos with reporting tools: 


Michael demonstrates how Crystal Reports interacts with the LDP (i.e., data warehouse prototype).

Angela demos the phpPgAdmin tool; runs one of the reports posted to the LDP GitHub.

Sharon and Kevin provide an overview of the first report prototype (i.e., circulation detail report). Discussion of the various location elements needed within the report and how they relate to one another (i.e., permanent location, temporary location, and effective location). "Material type" has been added to the latest version of the prototype to provide additional information that is of interest. "Loan type" will be added to the report, per request from the committee.

Review Report Priorities for FOLIO Gap AnalysisAll

To prepare for the FOLIO Gap Analysis, we will review the institution-level priorities currently set on our reports and make any needed adjustments on the Reporting SIG Master Spreadsheet as well as in the FOLIO JIRA System.


Sharon discusses the prioritization markup for reports in the Master Spreadsheet (i.e., P1-P5 scale). She also demonstrates how to find and claim reports in the JIRA ticketing system.

Further information is needed regarding the UXPROD-330 JIRA ticket, regarding "analytics and audit data logging for external reporting." Sharon will follow up with the UX group to determine whether or not this report should be incorporated into the Reporting SIG's Master Spreadsheet.

Sharon discusses the Master Spreadsheet with the group. A question arises about the contacts listed for each report within the spreadsheet. These contacts are product owners for the report–they provide feedback and additional information as prototypes for these reports are built.

Topics for Future Meetings


Review and update Topics for Future Reporting SIG Meetings 

Other Topics?AllAny other topics to discuss today?

Action items

  • Sharon Beltaine will meet with Ann-Marie Breaux on Import-Export reports and bring notes back to Reporting SIG
  • Sharon Beltaine to review ARES-related Resource Access reports with real-time data requirements with Darcy Branchini and bring notes back to Reporting SIG