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-is "filtering" to build out the data elements just for reporting the most efficient way to develop?

-will we develop all 250 reports?

-what scaling can we do at our institutions to support report development

Circ Item Detail Report Prototype

Review FOLIO attributes in the Circ Item Detail Report Prototype

-rename as ID401 Collections Use?


eUsage Project

Please take a look at the documentation for API data elements from the eUsage app development team.

eUsage API data elements documentation:

  • the "counter-reports" worksheet shows the metadata for the harvested reports.
  • for eUsage, we do not actually save the single data fields of each report, but the monthly reports as a whole, with metadata to identify them

eUsage UI presentation:
The eUsage UI design includes a statistics previews backend that queries specific reports (identified by provider, date range, metric type etc.) and then processes the full report

Here is a presentation explaining this design with an example:

For our next meeting...

Next Topics:

-custom fields?

-how many of the reports do we develop?

-next priority reports?

Next meeting of the Report Prototype WG is scheduled for Monday, April 15 at 10:00am EST

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