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Discussion Items




Assign Notetaker, Assign Attendance Taker, Review agendaSharon

Today's Attendance Taker: Scott Perry

Today's notetaker: Angela Zoss

Last week's notetaker: Kevin Walker

Gap Analysis for ReportingHolly, Sharon

Holly will review a spreadsheet that shows what reporting features need to be ranked by each institution. Please use this template at your institution to complete your analysis, then submit it to your Product Council representative for the Gap Analysis. The Gap Analysis must be completed by April 30, 2019; check with your institution on specific deadlines for submitting your feature rankings.

Sharon will walk through related tickets in the FOLIO JIRA System.

Please download and use the Reporting Features for Ranking spreadsheet to rank reporting features for your institution.  (Note:  The full Gap Analysis and Feature Ranking spreadsheet includes instructions.  The Reporting Features for Ranking spreadsheet is an extract of only the reporting epics.)

Note: Review Nassib's items first as he needs to leave for another meeting.


Thanks to Holly, we have a new spreadsheet just for the Reporting gap analysis; we will work with our institutions to make decisions/vote on items

Go to JIRA issue filters, then Reporting Epics - we have tried to capture all of the Reporting work under 6 tickets (reviewed in April 1 meeting) - reporting feature requests, data warehouse reports, LDP reference implementation, misc functionality, in-app reports, and analytics and audit logging

Full gap analysis (full Gap Analysis and Feature Ranking spreadsheet) is a very big spreadsheet; people are going through features that are still open and applying a rank for each institution (go-live, quarter after go-live, up to a year after go-live, fiscal year rollover, do not need) - note, this is go-live for your institution

Different institutions may be doing this differently, but if you're not already involved, please be proactive, but do talk to our Product Council person to let them know that this is happening, be on the same page, then they will pull the data into the full gap analysis

There is a version of the full gap analysis that only has reporting features in it (Reporting Features for Ranking); many are in-app reports

If your institution is not included yet, you can just make a copy of the final column

Please edit the Reporting spreadsheet directly, but it's just a working sheet - make sure Product Council rep from your institution pulls it into main gap analysis

Going through some specific issues:

  • UXPROD-1414 (Row 3) - this is a dependency we have, we need the API documentation to be complete before we can prototype, so it's a very important ticket for the entire data warehouse
  • Epic called "Reporting feature requests" - things we added as features that have to do with reporting, not reports themselves, have come up during SIG work
  • we have a couple that are more Vince Bareau, not Nassib, so would like a bit more information
  • we use Mandatory to save people from having to rank features that are just going to get done when we need to; for overdue fines, we have to have fee-fine policies set up first, so can't really rank overdue fines higher than fee-fine policies
  • also have non-functional requirements (testing) that we don't rank, but they're included because they're sometimes important for the gap analysis
  • "Build data warehouse reports" (UXPROD-1244) - our tickets in the JIRA system all start with REP, and if we need even one report in the data warehouse by go-live, then we need to rank UXPROD-1244 as needed by go-live, so rather than ranking individual data warehouse reports, we just rank that we do need data warehouse reports by go-live; we already have report-specific rankings in Reporting SIG master spreadsheet to drive the building of specific reports
  • UXPROD-867 - Epic for reports that are all in-app reports, so you may need to work with your institutions representative for that app to figure out how to rank those reports

Deadline for gap analysis is April 30, so talk to Product Council rep ASAP to see if there is an internal deadline for feedback

Action Items ReviewSharon, Angela, Joanne

-update on action items from last meeting

Sharon: still working through UM reports

Joanne: finally figured out what was going wrong and have started making reports in JIRA, but not done


-ID501 is a duplicate for ID 462

-ID502 might be reporting functionality and might be covered by Data Import tool

-ID509 and ID505 are similar

Reporting on Custom Fields in AppsAngela

SMEs in our functional areas are asking how we will report on custom fields that are being included in FOLIO applications. Let's explore how to do this.

-process of building up data model works for standard reports, but what about new apps

-hoping that this group will continue, that reporting efforts will continue beyond Phase 1 day

-but it seems to have implications for both database schema and data load scripts

-will need to talk to Nassib

Topics for Future Meetings


Review and update Topics for Future Reporting SIG Meetings 

Other Topics?AllAny other topics to discuss today?

Action items

  • Sharon Beltaine will meet with Ann-Marie Breaux on Import-Export reports and bring notes back to Reporting SIG
  • Sharon Beltaine to review ARES-related Resource Access reports with real-time data requirements with Darcy Branchini and bring notes back to Reporting SIG