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Purpose of groupsQuick review of purpose of all the different subgroups, slack channels, etc. connected to the Reporting SIG
eUsage Report updateVeit discussed eUsage app reporting needs with Annika, Richard, and Bjorn. It sounds as if they are looking for in app report development instead of data warehouse reports. There are still other eUsage-focused reports to build, but we may need to scratch these off the list. We'll discuss. 

Service Usage Points Prototype

Angela will walk through a draft of the Services Point Usage report data model prototype.

-currently listed as an in app report but makes more sense as a data warehouse report

-data elements do not show renewals done in person

-update on action item from last RPWG mtg: Angela to follow up with Marc Johnson about why dates are stored as strings; dates are not being validated; Nassib indicates this is going to be a problem for the data loading

-update on action item from last RPWG mtg: Angela to ask Andrea L on what is difference between returnDate and systemReturnDate?

-update on action item from last RPWG mtg: Sharon to sort out whether or not this needs to be an in app report via follow up with Emma Boettcher

RPWG Projects

Review RPWG Project List

-next priority reports?

-update on action item from last RPWG mtg: Sharon will follow up with Eric Pennington and Charlotte Whitt on Shelf List Location report  In App vs. DW questions

-update on action item from last RPWG mtg: Sharon, Scott, and Linda to define proposal for External Statistics report prototype

Circ Item Detail Report Prototype

-Nassib and Roman implementing this data model in the shared LDP data warehouse

-latest update on progress from Nassib?

For our next meeting...

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Next meeting of the Report Prototype WG is scheduled for Monday, May 20 at 10:00am EST

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