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Discussion Items





Today's Attendance Taker: Linda Miller

Today's notetaker:  Vandana Shah

Last week's notetaker: Tod Olson

Updates on Reporting SIG Meeting ScheduleSharon

Reminder: Please note that we will not hold a Reporting SIG meeting on Monday, June 17 from 9-10am EDT, due to a conflict with the Plenary Presentation at the FOLIO conference in DC.

Report Prioritization for Development in Data WarehouseAll

We will review the RPWG Project List for the Report Prototype Working Group with updates from those who are working on each of the current report prototypes in progress. Please provide feedback on the prioritization of these projects as a representative of your institution.

  • We will determine whether to categorize each of the 20 In App Resource Management reports as in app or for LDP based on feedback from Dennis last Reporting SIG meeting. Please note the JIRA issues on search/filter/calc/export within RM application features that are relevant to this analysis: 
    • UXPROD-1760 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Search result summary widget
    • UXPROD-1403 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Export Current selection to CSV
    • UXPROD-701 - Getting issue details... STATUS   Ability to export and import the associated Funds and Budgets for a certain Ledger


Sharon Beltaine went through the list of 20 In App Resource Management reports. Most of the 'open orders' reports can be combined. These may need to be in both In App and data warehouse versions; the In App ones will contain a smaller number of elements, but we need to also have reports with more a more detailed list of elements, so as to tie in some of the information with other reports.  From the list of 20, several were re-classified as data warehouse (REP) reports.

Eric Pennington discussed the Shelf List Location report data model. How exactly the 'last transaction date' and 'historic charges' elements will be included is still not completely clear, but the report is ready for data modeling at this point.

Holly Mistlebauer added filters for functional areas in JIRA, making it easier to identify reports containing issues related to specific areas on interest: see Viewing Reporting JIRA Issues with Filters

Vandana Shah reported that there ere no new updates from the Data Privacy Subgroup, but we hope to have some by the next meeting.

JIRA Updates

Holly added a whole new set of JIRA issue filters so you can see reports by functional area. See the Reporting JIRA Issues Filters page. 

-UXPROD in app report issues now include Report IDs from the Master Spreadsheet, the functional areas, and the report contacts

-filters have been added for each functional area

Data Privacy for FOLIO ReportingAll

Any updates or questions from the Data Privacy Subgroup?

Additional Topics?All No additional topics
Topics for Future MeetingsAll

Review and update Topics for Future Reporting SIG Meetings 

Action items

  • Sharon Beltaine will meet with Ann-Marie Breaux on Import-Export reports and bring notes back to Reporting SIG
  • Sharon Beltaine to review ARES-related Resource Access reports with real-time data requirements with Darcy Branchini and bring notes back to Reporting SIG
  • Sharon Beltaine will update the Reporting Functionality ID numbering system