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Last week's notetaker: Vandana Shah

Update on FOLIO Face-to-Face ConferenceSharon, Nassib, Angela, Kevin, Eric Vandana, Linda, Tod

Those who attended the FOLIO Face-to-Face Conference in DC from June 17 to 19 can provide an update on sessions and conference happenings. 

From Tod

From Tod Olson to Everyone: 09:20 AM
TC also spent some time on one of our charges, the need for a long-term Architectural Blueprint. So we had some discussion about what would be the function, who would be the audience. And of course the discussion had to go into related territory, like a technical roadmap. Tech Debt spreadsheet: This is currently filtered to just the "high impediment to implementation" items. This is the folder of Technical Debt presentations:

Reporting Sessions

-for complete notes, see General Notes on Reporting Sessions

-naming conventions

-decoupling report names from query names

General updates

Plenary Presentation

-LDP Update presentation was well received; good feedback and people impressed with progress

-question about supporting the LDP supporting multitenancy

-workflow engine moving forward, Mike has plan for a "To Do" app and several 


-(Nassib) multitenancy is a hosting technicality; LDP is not multitenant in the usual sense (e.g. hosting/installing one db instance for the LDP); you would create a new LDP instance for each tenant (for each library) in a multitenant scenario;

-a consortia multitenancy scenario with a single instance of the LDP and datasets from participating institutions (use a tenant ID to identify where the data comes from) will be supported

-install a separate FOLIO instance for each sublibrary, and set up one shared LDP for all sublibraries

Other Sessions

-(Tod) Technical Council focused on technical debt, and presented to product council. Focus on top six (of twenty-six):

  1. No optimistic locking/update conflict resolution
  2. No automatic schema/data migration (for changes to storage schemata)
  3. Slow or missing batch upload/download APIs
  4. DevOps: Kubernetes implementation impediments
  5. No WCAG 2.1 support
  6. Lack of real-life load test scenarios

See Tech Debt spreadsheet for list of tracked tech debt item (at this writing filtered to "hi" impediment to implementation) and Tech Debt folder with the presentations.

-(Tod) focused on 6 items as top obstacles to adoption: e.g., batch APIs for upload and download, Kubernetes integrations and improvements, update conflict resolution, accessibility (WKAG 2.1 compliance), how to handle schema updates

-(Nassib) there will be schema migrations for the LDP; when FOLIO modules change schema, then LDP schema should be changing; this needs coordination; need communication mechanism for schema updates

-(Tod) not everything needed for Go Live will be available by Go Live; Product Council asked Capacity Planning committee to make recommendations about priorities for Go Live 

Resource Access Report ClusteringAngela ZossAngela will provide an update on her work with members of the Resource Access SIG to cluster the RA report requirements.
Additional Topics?All 
Topics for Future MeetingsAll

Review and update Topics for Future Reporting SIG Meetings 

Action items

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