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Action Items
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Angela will provide a walk through of using PostgreSQL's JSON query syntax on mirrored FOLIO JSON data in the LDP to generate the query for the following report prototype


-note whether or not we are aggregating

-note where there are filters

-good documentation helps a lot

Writing the Queries

-need to understand the prototype

-need to be sure the right data is there


-Angela will add documentation on query writing to the Reporting SIG wiki

-a style guide for 

Key Changes for Moving from Star-Schema to JSON Syntax

-straight FOLIO tables require more joins



API Documentation

-need to know how tables join

JSON Syntax Documentation

Possibility of Adding Views

-pre built queries

-query against the views instead of the tables


-need to update connecting documentation in the Reporting SIG wiki for the LDP


-getting familiar with JSON Extract function


-Schema Spy

-PGP Admin


Next Reporting Data Models to DeliverAll

Shall we build these reporting data models next?

  1. Circ Item Detail:
  2. Services Usage:
  3. Shelf List Location:


  • What do RPWG members think of these (above) as our current highest priorities?
  • Would the prototype developers like to develop the SQL queries for each of these?
For our next meeting...

Future Topics:

  • Definition of "all FOLIO data" required for inclusion in the LDP.
  • Evaluate the data model of the LDP's MARC implementation.
  • Identify representative report queries on MARC records.

Next meeting date:

Using GitHub for developing SQL report queriesNassib

Demonstration of how to contribute a new SQL report query--or a modification of an existing query--using the shared community space in GitHub that has been set up for this purpose.

Refer to Contributing report queries to ldp-analytics for written instructions.

Action items

  •  Angela to work with small group to look at Resource Access clusters
  •  Sharon to work with small group to look at Resource Management clusters