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Action Items
Review and update Action Items
Review Latest Updates to Prototypes and QueriesAll

ACRL Report Prototype

-Kevin has generated an ACRL Annual Survey Report Prototype

-4 main queries to run: volume count, title count, circulation, collection expenditures

-queries will need to vary by library, e.g., how does your library count items?

-choosing what you want to count may depend on the quality of catalog coding by area at your institution

-prototype includes all locations now, but can use effective location LDP attribute soon

-Kevin will add patron type and loan type attributes

-(Scott) Is cataloging status built in? Kevin will investigate.

-(Scott) The PO has flag for expenditure type. Kevin will investigate. (Payments will not be available until next release.)

-encumbrances include for your information, although most institutions don't report these figures in ACRL reports

-(Tod) Perhaps working on the prototypes collaboratively gives us an opportunity to have more uniform practices in reporting across libraries (as has been seen in other functional areas) 

-Kevin will also work on the queries associated with this report

-Scott shared the Recent Schema for Financial Transactions from Resource Management

DB Viewing Tools and Query Developement

-Angela demonstrated a tool she has been using a tool to connect to the LDP called DBeaver 6.1.5, and she is using the ldpqdev instance of the LDP

-Nassib has added a more financial data attributes

-Circ Item Detail and Services Usage are the main queries Angela is working on 

-Nassib and Angela finding it makes sense to think about query development style, and recommends query writers review the queries on github thoroughly before starting query development

-although we can copy and paste the query templates for our own use, we most likely will need to do further editing for our own institutions

-use the WITH statement to name a query at the beginning of your query; you are selecting a constant and giving it a name

-LDP software now supports both Amazon RedShift and Postgres, so queries are being developed to work on both

-recommended we review the Circ Item Detail query, then the Services Point usage queries 

-do not use SELECT * - you must explicitly name the fields you want

Test Data

-(Nassib) we will need query development as well as testing a static data set, so we have decided to take a recent copy of data from Folio Snapshot for the LDP, freeze it, then augment it with additional data as needed

Using GitHub for developing SQL report queriesNassib

Demonstration of how to contribute a new SQL report query--or a modification of an existing query--using the shared community space in GitHub that has been set up for this purpose.

Refer to Contributing report queries to folio-analytics for written instructions.

For our next meeting...

Future Topics:

Action items

  •  Angela to work with small group to look at Resource Access clusters
  •  Sharon to work with small group to look at Resource Management clusters
  •  Vandana to work with small group to look at Metadata Management clusters