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XSharon BeltaineCornell University
Sara ColglazierMount Holyoke College/Five Colleges

Elizabeth BerneyDuke University
Erin NettifeeDuke University

Joyce ChapmanDuke University
Karen NewberyDuke University

Jean PajerekCornell UniversityXTod OlsonUniversity of Chicago
XClaudius Herkt-JanuschekSUB HamburgXScott PerryUniversity of Chicago


Doreen HeroldLehigh University
Stefan StadtherrMPIL Heidelberg

Anne L. HighsmithTexas A&MXSimona TabacaruTexas A&M

Harry KaplanianEBSCOXKevin WalkerThe University of Alabama
XIngolf Kusshbz
Charlotte WhittIndex Data

Lina LakhiaSOASX

Andi Bihler

Munich Technical University Library

Joanne LearyCornell University
Uschi KluteGBV
XMichael PatrickThe University of AlabamaXVandana ShahCornell University
XNassib NassarIndex DataXAngela Zoss

Duke University

Veit KöppenUniversity Magdeburg
Lisa DeCarolisSmith College/Five Colleges
XLinda MillerCornell UniversityXElena O'Malley


Matt HarringtonDuke University     Holly MistlebauerCornell University
XJean PajerekCornell UniversityXNancy

Discussion Items





Today's Attendance Taker: Linda Miller

Today's notetaker:  Vandana Shah

Last week's notetaker: Sharon Beltaine

Updates from Various Reporting Related Groups and EffortsVarious

The Reporting SIG is using small work groups to address priorities and complete our work. Each week, we will provide updates to the Reporting SIG from these various reporting-related groups and efforts:

  • Community and coordination: discussed WolfCon and prototyping efforts.
  • LDP Report Working Group: went through project lists, discussed human testing phase after queries are finalized.
  • LDP Data Privacy Working Group
  • LDP SysOps Working Group
  • Software development: see next section
LDP development updatesNassib

LDP 0.3 has been released at:

This version has many new and updated features. It has improved performance, increased data coverage (85 FOLIO interfaces), and improvements in data extraction.

A hosted LDP database is now available for the FOLIO community:

This allows open access to all; it has a web interface and reprting tools (Tableau, Access, etc.) can be connected to it. Contact Nassib if there are any issues with it, and please share it widely.

WolfCon 2020 Topics DiscussionAll

We have started a list of reporting topics to cover at the WolfCon conference at Texas A&M University in January 2020. Sharon contacted SIG conveners and got some additional ideas.

We'll do a final review what we have so far and add to the list. Topic submissions are due to FOLIO Product Council by November 18, 2019.

All planned meetings were reviewed and discussed, updates were made.

SQL for LDP ReviewsRPWG

Report Prototype Workgroup members will review work on their various SQL queries to share progress and hear feedback from the Reporting SIG.

Angela went through two completed and tested queries, and showed their output to the group. The queries were cir item detail, and services usage. We will soon plan a human testing phase for this.

Additional Topics?All 
Topics for Future MeetingsAll

Review and update Topics for Future Reporting SIG Meetings 

Action items

  •  Community and Coordination group to discuss how to maintain GDPR compliance for REP 147 and REP 148
  •  Vandana Shahto follow up on notes for changes to JIRA tickets for MM Reports and Report Clusters