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The Reporting SIG group will examine the needs of reporting in each functional area and the reporting needs of institutions. The SIG should examine the underlying data structure to ensure reporting data can be generated for specific data needs at the institutional and functional levels. The SIG should examine the types of reports needed by libraries: canned, automated and scheduled, use of API’s for reports and ability to generate adhoc reports. The SIG will examine output of reports and formats of reports, csv files, xml, etc. The SIG should examine 3rd party reporting tools such as BIRT and other tools or dashboards that could be integrated into the platform.

  • Information gathering

    • Identify reporting needs across institutions and reporting needs at the international, national and local level.

    • Identify fields required for reporting in each functional area (resource management, resource access, and metadata management)

    • Identify information needs that require live access to the database vs a data warehouse

  • Evaluation

    • Review and evaluate reporting tools

    • Assess database access and record relationships (ERDs) in FOLIO

    • Ensure that essential / required reports can be recreated in FOLIO

  • Advise

    • Advise FOLIO developers on reporting issues; provide examples as appropriate

    • Define training needs

    • Recommend training resources to support the transition to a new reporting environment


  • The working group will likely meet weekly for several months at a minimum.

  • A subset of the SIG will be asked to contribute, write, and/or edit features.

  • SIG members will be called upon as experts in other FOLIO SIGs to make presentations, review documentation and code, and answer questions about privacy needs.

  • A SIG member will serve as the convener of the SIG (see definition in the Product Council SIG documentation), a SIG member will be asked to participate on the FOLIO Forum Facilitators SIG (details), and a SIG member will be asked to report progress to the Product Council.  One or more than one person may fill each of these roles, and a person may fill more than one role.

  • Participants are expected to have knowledge or access to knowledge about professional practices and regional requirements.

SIG Type: Topical Group (discussion group to take up a subject of interest)

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