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The Reporting SIG uses the Reporting JIRA project to track all data warehouse reports.  Below you will find the steps required to add a new report to JIRA. 

(Please note:  The Reporting SIG Master Spreadsheet is no longer used for collecting and maintaining report information, but it is still available for reference.)

STEP #1:  Check existing reports to verify that your report does not already exist in JIRA.

STEP #2:  If the report does not exist, go to JIRA and login with your credentials (your wiki and JIRA login is the same one–see permissions here).

STEP #3:  Select the Create option from the dark blue navigation bar on the top of the JIRA page, which will open the Create Issue window.

STEP #4:  Enter the report information in the Create Issue window as shown in the image below and press the Create button. 

               (Important note:  If you do not see all of the fields listed below, click on and select the missing fields.)

STEP #5:  If the report is a potential in-app report (i.e. it uses real-time data and is needed daily or perhaps weekly) please send Holly Mistlebauer the JIRA Issue Key and she will discuss the report with the appropriate Product Owner.  If the report is deemed an in-app report, the JIRA issue will be moved from the Reporting JIRA project to the UXPROD JIRA project.  As the "Reporter" of the JIRA issue, you will be notified that this is happening. 

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