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Identify Report to Prototype

Describe Report Purpose

  • explain the purpose of this report
  • add some narrative text explaining the steps for the developers

Identify Data Elements

  • specify the data elements in terms of the FOLIO source data

  • list the data element and include its description

  • find each data element, and see "View 1" or "View 2" for the description in the API reference documentation for all modules located at:
  • data element endpoints are in pairs; take the second element of the pair; look for the description in the GET or POST section in the Response or the Request
  • create a JIRA issue linked to FOLIO-1551 for each data element in the FOLIO source data that is missing documentation or needs additional documentation; see examples in the "relates to" section under this epic

  • David Crossley has created a guide for FOLIO Developers to use to write FOLIO attribute documentation at

  • for information from POs on data elements, you may refer to :

List JSON Hierarchy for Report Data Elements


Identify Report to Prototype

  • Circulation Detail Report

Describe Report Purpose

  • provides count of loan transactions for a given date range sorted by library location and patron group 

Identify Report Data Elements

Folio Attribute (Module, Path, Attribute)Folio Data Element DescriptionParameters/Query
(mod-users:) groups/idA UUID identifying this (patron) groupsort and count results by (patron group) id
(mod-users:) groups /groupThe unique name of this (patron) group
(mod-users:) users/idA globally unique (UUID) identifier for the user
(mod-users:) users/patronGroupA UUID corresponding to the group the user belongs to; this is a reference to (mod-users:) groups/id; this is a foreign key to the id attribute under groups

(mod-circulation-storage:/loan-storage/loans)idUnique ID (generated UUID) of the loan; represents the loan transaction; storage module; we get data from the storage modulecount loan transactions
(mod-circulation-storage: /loan-storage/loans) userIdforeign key; ID of the patron the item was lent to. Required for open loans, not required for closed loans (for anonymization).
(mod-circulation-storage: /loan-storage/loans) loanDateDate time when the loan beganfilter loan transaction ids by date range
(mod-circulation: /circulation/loans)idUnique ID (generated UUID) of the loan; business logic module; called "loanid" in the reporting database, will be marked as a foreign key
(mod-circulation: /circulation/loans)locationThe effective location of the item; nested under "items"

List JSON Hierarchy for Report Data Elements

See LDP-11

Modeling Folio attributes:

mod-users: /groups

  • id
  • group

mod-users: /users

  • id
  • patronGroup

mod-circulation-storage: /loan-storage/loans

  • id
  • userId
  • loanDate

mod-circulation: /circulation/loans

  • id
  • item.location

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