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What are the features that help us decide whether a report is categorized as "User Management" or "Resource Access?" 

User Management report data elements

  • user accounts
  • user biodemo data
  • groups of users 
  • user loads
  • data about users and how they are fed into the system

Resource Access report data elements

  • circulation statistics on loans, reserves, recalls, browses, eresources, sessions, etc.
  • circulation service usage
  • if collection use is involved, it is a Resource Access report, regardless of user data elements used

Reporting Functionality Needed related to UM and RA Reports

  • NCIP-related reports: how user management data elements support these standards, and do they?
  • LTI (courseware interface to library systems)
  • SIP2-related reports


-should ARES be an interface to FOLIO?

-every module will need user data

-User Permissions information: UM app feature or report?

-Batch Edit: e.g., setting a list of items to a particular user permission status (e.g., items for honor students); Batch Edit tool needed

-ARES-related reports (Reserves app for FOLIO?)

Action Items

-Andrea, Maura, and Sharon to bring up need for Batch Edit tool at Product Council meeting 12/6/18

-follow up with courseware interface providers at each institution to understand standards required for data sharing

-(DONE) Sharon to add Reporting Functionality items above to "reporting functionality" worksheet on Reporting SIG Master Spreadsheet (list of all FOLIO reporting requirements)

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