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-is there an example of this report somewhere?


Report Description Detail

  • This report is modeled on (Cluster), a cluster of ERM reports currently consisting of (REP-XXX, etc.). The purpose of this cluster of reports is to ...
  • Have I already paid for serial/journal x?
    • Output:
  • How much did serial/journal x cost me in YYYY
    • Output:
  • How much did I pay for my agreements?
    • Output:
  • DBS - Deutsche Bibliotheksstatistik / German Library Statistics
  • From DBS/Reporting Master Spreadsheet: Journals and newspaper in electronic form: costs for those (licenses) in the reporting year (REP-68 , DBS 134 , expenses)

    • Output: Amount
  • From DBS/Reporting Master Spreadsheet: Other costs for journals and newspapers in electronic form, e.g. one-time purchase of backfiles (REP-69 , DBS 135, expenses)

    • Output: Amount

Data Attributes

  • (high-level list of data fields)
  • Data Attributes will come from the following application areas: Orders, Invoices, and Agreements

Report Criteria

  • (describe report cluster parameters, criteria, filters, etc.)

Information Resources for Data Attributes

FOLIO Attribute Definition Sources

-See ERM Statistics summary for report descriptions and priority.

-API reference documentation for all modules located at:


-See eUsage: requirements/fields

-See the Finance Data Model

-See  UXPROD-1264 - Calculate Statistics: Costs Per Download

-RM-Costs Cluster Prototype FOLIO Wiki

-RM-Costs Cluster UXPROD-2255

Folio Attribute

Folio Data Element Description


From internal table mod_agreements.subscription_agreement:

sa_idUUID of Agreement
sa_nameA name for the agreement assigned by the institution
sa_descriptionA description for the agreement assigned by the institution
sa_agreement_statusID of reference data value (mod_agreements.refdata_value.rdv_id) which describes the current status of the agreement (e.g. Active, Closed)
sa_reason_for_closureID of reference data value (mod_agreements.refdata_value.rdv_id) which describes for a closed agreement, the reason the agreement has been closed (a closed agreement is one with status == "Closed" - set via sa_agreement_status)
sa_renewal_priorityID of reference data value (mod_agreements.refdata_value.rdv_id) which describes whether an agreement should be renewed, reviewed or cancelled
sa_is_perpetualID of reference data value (mod_agreements.refdata_value.rdv_id) which describes whether the agreement is a perpetual agreement or not
sa_local_referenceWhere an agreement has been created through an integration / data import from an external system the sa_local_reference is used to store a reference/identifier for the agreement in the external system to support ongoing data synchronisation/updates
sa_license_noteTo record any general information about the license for the Agreement
custom_properties_idID used to link custom_properties (aka supplementary properties) via mod_agreements.custom_properties.parent_id to an agreement. (n.b. each agreement can have zero to many custom_properties)
From internal table mod_agreements.entitlement:

Each entitlement is linked to one and only one agreement

Each agreement can be linked to zero to many entitlements

Each entitlement must to linked to only one resource

ent_idUUID of Entitlement (aka Agreement Line)
ent_owner_fkID of Agreement (mod_agreements.subscription_agreement.sa_id) to which the entitlement belongs
ent_resource_fkID of the resource (,, ) which the Entitlement gives access to
ent_active_fromDate from which the entitlement was active in format yyyy-MM-dd. No time or timezone
ent_active_toDate to which the entitlement was active in format yyyy-MM-dd. No time or timezone
From internal table mod_agreements.order_line:

Links entitlements to purchase order lines in the Orders app.

Each entitlement can be linked to zero to many purchase order lines.

Each purchase borderline can be linked to zero to many entitlements

pol_idUUID of order_line record
pol_orders_fkID of purchase order line in Orders app
pol_owner_fkID of entitlement (mod_agreements.entitlement.ent_id) to which purchase order line is linked
From internal table mod_agreements.erm_resource:

erm_resource is one facet of resources that can be linked to entitlements

Each erm_resource can be linked to zero to many entitlements

idID of erm_resource
res_nameName of the resource (can be name of a package or other resource type or the title of a published work such as a book or journal)
res_type_fkID of reference data value for the type of resource. Common values include "serial", "monograph", "book", "journal".
res_subtype_fkID of reference data value for the subtype of resourceCommon values include "electronic" or "print".
From internal table mod_agreements.package:

From internal table mod_agreements.package_content_item:

From internal table mod_agreements.platform_title_instance:

From internal table mod_agreements.platform:

From internal table mod_agreements.title_instance:

From internal table

From internal table mod_agreements.identifier_occurrence:

From internal table mod_agreements.identifier:

Plus the data from the RM-Costs Cluster Prototype

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