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  • (H) Support the transition from LDP to Metadb (e.g., update derived table and report queries, update documentation, outreach, new training)✓
  • (H) Developing training/onboarding for new SIG members/report users (esp. FOLIO-specific data model and transformation stuff)✓
  • (H?) Develop a FOLIO Reporting Vision and Strategy
    • secondary goal: come up with language that can be used to explain to our institutions the importance of the work and of devoting resources✓
  • (H?) Improve communication between SIG and developers of apps so we hear about data model changes in advance
  • (H?) continued advocacy on part of the SIG to governance groups
  • (M? H?) Review JIRA issues, clean up, revisit strategy for JIRA
  • (M) ramp up on outreach (esp. FOLIO Forums)✓
  • (M) deepening ties to other SIGs
    • maybe each development group can go to SIG and give presentation on Metadb
  • (M) Build ER Diagram-based documentation (mermaid) for derived tables✓
  • (L) explore connections to ReShare (e.g., ask for presentation)✓
  • (L) Share experiences on hosting options for reporting databases✓
    • do we have a doc somewhere? we have the implementers grid, which is a start
    • maybe a discussion topic for a SIG meeting where people who have different hosting providers share their experiences
  • (L) Syncing our repository updates up with the FOLIO release schedule

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