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  • Share experiences on hosting options for reporting databases (Investigate LDP1 Hosting Support)
  • Establish a regular schedule of recruitment for new SIG members (Recruit from new institutions not represented)
  • Establish a quarterly schedule of outreach for reporting activities (e.g., FOLIO Forum presentations, WOLFcon presentations, direct communication with community members and institutions) 
    • maybe each development group can go to SIGs and give update/presentation on Metadb, LDP Reporting App, LDLite, query repositories (maybe a few times a year)
  • Create a German community subgroup to develop requirements for DBS reporting
  • Define what we are doing - what is in scope, what is out of scope; build a shared understanding of what the Reporting SIG goals are and communicate that clearly
    • Could have subgroups come up with mission statements, share those with the Reporting SIG
    • Could arrange a conversation in SIG meetings to hear everyone's thoughts on participation, roles, etc.

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