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About us

The Reporting SIG group will examine the needs of reporting in each functional area and the reporting needs of institutions. (For more details, see about the Reporting SIG.)

Reporting in FOLIO makes extensive use of software from the Library Data Platform (LDP) project.  A good starting point for exploring is the LDP Resources page.

A summary of FOLIO Reporting Options offers details about different opportunities to extract data from FOLIO apps.

Communication Channels


Reporting SIG meetings are held on 2nd and 4th Mondays at 10:00 am Eastern U.S. time (see this time in your time zone) and 1st and Third Thursdays at 2:00 pm Eastern U.S. time (see this time in your time zone). For more information, including links to meeting recordings, see the Reporting SIG Meetings and Notes.

SIG Convener

For more information about the Reporting SIG, contact the RPT-SIG conveners, Angela Zoss and Sharon Beltaine .

SIG Members and Roles



Reporting SIG Work Team (RA/UM, MM, or RM/ERM)
hbzTechnical Staff member of Library Service CenterSysOps SIG ConvenerERM
Cornell UniversityCollection Data Analysis/Access Services Voyager Data AnalystRA Sig member; SME Access Services; consultant for reporting

Simona Tabacaru

Texas A & M


Collection Development

Reporting SIG member


Scott Perry (

University of ChicagoHead, Collection SupportFunctional expert, Reporting SIG member


MM (peripherally)

Index DataDirector, Metadb/LDP; Head of ResearchProduct Manager and Architect for FOLIO Reporting
Cornell UniversityLibrary Systems Analyst

Reporting SIG member, RM Report Development Team Lead, Reporting Documentation Working Group member

University of ChicagoSystems Librarian, Interim Director of Integrated Library SystemsSysOps SIG member, Reporting SIG member
Cornell UniversityBatch Processing
The University of AlabamaHead of Assessment & Govt. Informationteam lead, prototypes, and testingMM
Duke UniversityInterim Head, Assessment & User Experience StrategyReporting SIG Co-Convener, RA/UM Reports Team Lead, Convener of Development Team, member ex officio of FOLIO Analytics Review BoardRA/UM
MPIL Heidelberg Project-Work within MPIL libraryReporting SIG member
Smith College/Five Colleges

Cornell UniversityDirector for Information Management, Law LibraryReporting SIG member


Cornell UniversityAccounts Representative - Finance & Budget OfficeReporting SIG member


Emerson CollegeAssistant Director for Collections and SystemsReporting SIG member
Cornell UniversityResearch & Assessment AnalystReporting SIG memberRA/UM
Clint BellangerAuburn University


Shannon Burke

Texas A & MCoordinator of AcquisitionsReporting SIG member
Christie ThomasUniversity of Chicago

Sarah ParkDuke Librarian for Engineering and Computer Science
Linda MillerCornell UniversityAssessment LibrarianReporting SIG memberRM
Fenway Library OrganizationLibrary Services AssistantReporting SIG member RA
University MainzFOLIO Projectmember at the University Library MainzReporting SIG member, ERM Reports Team LeadRM/ERM
Leipzig University
LibrarianReporting SIG member, ERM Reports Team LeadRM/ERM
K-IntConsultantPO Agreements and LicensesERM

Lisa McColl McColl

Lehigh UniversityCataloging/Metadata LibrarianMM SIG memberMM
Duke UniversityIT Analyst (Data Analyst)Data Migration, ReportingERM


Martina Tumulla

Eric LuhrsLehigh UniversityLibrary Systems AnalystReporting and SysOps SIG member

Kevin Kishimoto 

Stanford UniversityHead of Music Metadata Services

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