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About the Conference

Reporting SIG Ideas for WolfCon Topics

  • (Presentation) Nassib will be doing a presentation on Metadb/LDP as part of OLF
  • (Workshop) Getting started with Reporting
    • easy examples
    • LDP1 versus Metadb
    • Could show the derived tables and how to use them for your own reports
    • how to use a cookbook report to get started with the LDP
    • What is the Reporting SIG?
    • How can you contribute to the Reporting SIG?
  • (Workshop) Installing Metadb
    • live demo of a setup
  • (Panel Discussion) FOLIO Reporting Panel
    • see if some reps who are using reports can speak about how to work with report writers to get their data (e.g., Henrik)
    • reporting users discuss their experiences
    • who would be willing to be part of this panel?
    • Sharon Beltaine, Cornell
    • Arthur Aguilera, University of Colorado Boulder, Metadb PowerBI dashboard
    • Axel/Stefan - DBS National Reporting Needs
  • (Working Meeting) LDP/Metadb reporting hosting support options
    • meet with representatives from FOLIO councils, institutions, and vendors
    • discuss ways to mitigate hosting support challenges for institutions
  • (Workshop/Demo) LDLite - Sharon Beltaine (introduction) and Jennifer Eustis (virtual presenter)
  • (Community Sharing) DBeaver ChatGPT Plugin - 

Conference Topic Planning

Virtual Presenters

  • Virtual Presenters
    • virtual presenters not encouraged for general presentations and workshops
    • okay to have virtual presenter if introduced by someone who is present at the conference and who can answer questions in person

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