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Discussion items


Anya Arnold

MSU is live!!!!!

One big issue is knowing the numbers for extracted data, and making sure that count matches the data that is load

For instance on "Checked out" filter, it only counts the instance, not the item

Theo will share steps - and open support issue. Following issues have already the label = "result-count" (

T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due


Reality Check

Review how PO's can contribute

JIRA does not allow filtering by link type -  we could make up our own but nothing out of the bug

In the meantime - could we use labels to accomplish the same thing?

Production Bug Described in Existing JIRA

  1. Want to get issues assigned, and fixed as quickly as possible
  2. How do we keep track of production bugs - Tag?
  3. Make it easy for customers to report bugs

  1. Criteria:
    1. P1 and P2 
    2. Affects Production environment
  2. Clone into SUP

Chart of Support tickets by institution and priority

Assigning priorities

MODTEMPENG-51 - Getting issue details... STATUS

PO Meeting
Seeking PO input

Action items

Zak_Burke  - create example relation ticket

Anton Emelianov  - create "Reported in Support"

Anton Emelianov  - all Support tickets result in Slack Support Sig post

Kelly Drake  to reach out to documentation person

Charlotte Whitt  Example story for community contributions.