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Zoom Connect Information

Topic: Data Migration Subgroup

Time: March 5, 2018 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Discussion items

5 minWelcome, identification of note taker and next week's convener

Dale Arntson

Dale will host the meeting as Ingolf is ill. Michelle will take notes.

variableDiscuss composite spreadsheet & our role in modeling Folio data.Various
  • Chicago created instance, holding, item OLE mapping data which will go into a spreadsheet in the OLE data mapping folder. Someone from Chicago will use some of this data to fill in the OLE column of the composite spreadsheet.
  • We discussed the format of the composite spreadsheet (should we continue with it). We agreed to stick to this format specifically because it does provide utility (e.g. side-by-side view).
  • We had a lengthy discussion about whether or not to add information like data types, repeatable, "nullable" to the composite spreadsheet. We didn't make a final decision about this but some of the comments around it were:
    • At this time our objective is to find data elements of possible concern and later should do a more detailed analysis where deficits are found.
    • How would we indicate data type on the spreadsheet: plain language sticking with conventional data types
    • Array has already begun to be noted in the spreadsheet with brackets[]
    • An example – we need a way to express we need space for more than one barcode
    • An example of "nullable" - Chicago has some patrons that do not have usernames
  • Are these discussions redundant? – no other groups are looking at this yet (other than metadata management)
  • The migration group really serves as the reality check. We need to be able to raise red flags.
  • We need to get this data out soon to be able to impact v1.
  • Plan for sharing the composite spreadsheet:
    • Share it with both POs and SIG conveners
    • POs can provide context for the SIGs
    • We discussed possible ways to handoff this spreadsheet:
      • Quick meeting with someone from this group, POs and convenyers?
      • Possibly reach out to POs now to let them know we are working on this?
      • **Before the handoff we need to ask about the equivilency of some of the fields (are they equivilent or not)
    • Plan for the spreadsheet moving forward ...finish a portion during the week then discuss as a group:
      • Users (for next week)
      • Inventory
      • Circ.
      • Acq.
        • Charlotte will try to obtain the diagram created by Stacks/Dennis Bridges for Acq before we tackle this
  • There is a MM SIG Working Groups inventory metadata elements spreadsheet. The data migration group can add notes in column i
variablehousekeepingVariousFor access to folio folder in the google drive reach out to Anne. She prefers gmail associated email.
variablehuman readable idsVarious

We spent a short amount of time talking about human readable IDs.

  • We need to think about where they are needed.
  • This topic is being actively discussed outside of this group
  • Charlotte has been tasked to create a document around this subject (outsite of this group)

Action items

  • @Next meeting – complete 'Users' spreadsheet so we can discuss as a group during the meeting
  • Dale Arntson will convene the next meeting.