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Meeting Location

Discussion items

5 minAdministrationDale ArntsonChris will take notes.
10 minsWolfconvarious

Finalize plans for Wolfcon.

Things on the schedule that we might be concerned with: Tuesday morning data migration process flow and Thursday morning discussion on migration of catalog data to inventory.
Christie will spend time in the Thursday session going over the spreadsheet she's shown us. The Thursday session should be recorded.
We need to spend the time talking about the ETL process to identify technical and data model gaps and developing communal tools for migration, not as much about data mapping, because we won't have other opportunities for this.

With many of us present in person at WOLFCon, communication channels that are usually a bit vague will be more simple and ad hoc.

A reporting SIG session conflicts with Thursday's inventory data mapping session, and not everyone will be still at the conference at that point as some of us fly out by that time.  It will be valuable for data migration members and loan SIG members both to attend, so hopefully we'll have a quorum of attendees anyway.

ZOOM connection info for WOLFCon meetings isn't published yet.  Mike Winkler confirmed that ZOOM connections will be available at each session, and that it will be up to the people running the sessions whether or not the ZOOM meeting is started to allow remote participants.  Robustness of the audio setup is an open question -- a laptop microphone won't be good enough.  We may well be limited by equipment, so if anyone is able to bring good speakerphones or microphones, that'd be great.

10 minsFeedback from User SigAnne and Chris

How did the presentation of our data go at the user sig? What can we expect from them?

This presentation has not happened yet. Hopefully it will happen at this week's user management SIG meeting.

20 minsContinuation of loan data discussionvarious

Continue discussion of loan data, with other institutions reporting. Spreadsheet is here.

FOLIO's systemReturnDate loan attribute is when a return was actually processed, vs "returnDate", which may be backdated by an operator.

LBS loan status -- FOLIO only uses "Open" and "Closed" for loan status values. LBS has 8 different such status values. The LBS status values look like they're intended to be item statuses or request statuses, as opposed to loan status. FOLIO has request and item status attributes for that data.

FOLIO assumes loan data is retained, and historical loan data stays in the loans table. Those loans just have status "closed". This raises privacy concerns for some institutions, while others require this historical data. Personal data in loan records could be anonymized, or historical loan data could just be deleted. Some institutions keep just circulation counts for items, rather than loan data. FOLIO needs to be flexible to handle these different use cases.

How far back will we load circulation data for? This will have to be up to each institution. The structure of FOLIO's loan module should be flexible enough to allow us to store however much or little we want. Historical data will likely have references to old locations and such that no longer exist, which would be problematic to migrate. Institutions will have to choose how much loan data to migrate with this in mind.

These concerns should be brought up with the loan SIG. An e-mail message to Emma, their convener, and a link to the recording of this session, should be sufficient.

Action item: Anne L. Highsmith offered to reach out to Emma about this.

remainderAgenda for next week


Where do we go from here? Finish up inventory and loans, off load to Sigs (Christie Thomas will use the inventory info at Wolfcon). Gap analysis for next module? Which one? Discussion of migration best practices?  (Wayne will be raising this issue at Wolfcon)

We will not meet next week on 5/7, as many of us will be at WOLFCon or traveling.  We will defer creating an agenda for our next online meeting until after WOLFCon, pending developments that take place there.

What module can we work on mappings for next?  The requests module is ready.  The acquisitions module is still in heavy development.  We could potentially work on vendors data as well.

Action items

  • Fill in composite loan view for comparison
  • Circle back to inventory
  • Wolfcon prep