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  • Finalize Source Data and Integrations Spreadsheet, Provide information for Harry to collocate, prioritize and integrate into JIRA Tickets .

Discussion Points

  • determine note taker: Harry + Ingolf
  • Zeno introduces himself; Zeno will work from Milano in future. He has worked on migration to ALEPH and with the ALEPH installer kit. He is an expert in MARC21 and Unimarc. Zeno holds a Library Science degree. At @Cult, he works on the FOLIO Circulation module. He is also involved in the Metadata and the Data Migration SIG. Zeno has chosen Linux CentOS (last stable version) for installation and Blacklight as Opac. TAMU team has gone from CentOS to Oracle Linux and RancherOS.
  FOLIO Source Data Integrations all

Finalize discussion about FOLIO Source Data and Integrations Spreadsheet .

Discussion about GoLive-Plans. OLE libraries: summer of 2020. GBV/VZG: Bremen, Kiel: summer of 2019.

Review wiki page of integrations.

Integration of Reporting Tools falls under the hood of the Reporting SIG.

Shibboleth integration has higher priority than AD/LDAP integration (question). NetIQ is running under the hood of LDAP in UB Gießen/HeBis.

Alabama wants to use Banner as API for financial system. Need to join to work on the APIs for Banner (UA is already a customer). Lehigh also uses Banner.

PDA: EBSCO/GOBI is used by Alabama, Chicago and Texas. Check to see if PDA is just integrated via standard order API's . EBSCO/GOBI has been integrated in Acquistions, Orders.

Coral - Do libraries want to keep it or migrate off? If Migrate off, what does the migration tool need to do? Has it been discussed in migration sub group. What about other commercial ERM systems? TAMU has not yet decided to keep Coral or not. Dale will address the question of migration off Coral in the DM Subgroup.

Other knowledge bases of electronic resources: GoKB is being connected to FOLIO, EZB and ZDB will be connected to GoKB (thus no direct integration to FOLIO needed).

Check on paying fines and fees features for SIP2 (Review with Florian)

Might need to document how libraries should secure SIP2. Recommendations need to be created. SIP2 is a "security nightmare".

Self check-out: Bibliotheca LIBERO via SIP2 (building this Quarter) / NCIP (built by the end of the summer `19) – MeeScan talks to the ILS – Concerns about SIP2-security ; but maybe not so much for local hosting.

Topics for next meeting(s)IngolfSee the agendas I created in this wiki space.

Action Items