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at 11 EST

Discussion items

0New meeting linkDalePlease note. We will be meeting using a new Zoom link going forward: The old one expired and is no longer available.

Welcome and request for someone to take notes. Michelle will take notes.

30DC meetingvarious

We will discuss participation in the Folio meeting in Washington DC in light of new focus on community attendance. Here is a spreadsheet of the tentative agenda.

  • devs. will not be at the meeting
  • it is a working meeting (not "speakers")
    • could be business analysis/design work
  • product owners will be there
  • Possible meeting topics for this group:
    • discuss data loading requirements, document what everyone is working on, plenty to talk about around this topic
    • data loading with APIs - outline our needs (which can be communicated to the devs. post-meeting)
    • to what extent are we relying on data migration tools? meet w/AnnMarie (data import PO)?
    • each institution is in their own stage of creating load tools, so it is difficult to plan out what we will cover.  Possible talking points:
      • how will you populate your data?  Show & tell DIY data loading.
      • what migration tools does FOLIO need to be successful?  (future of the project)
        • requires performant APIs  → requires changes to the core of the project
    • thought:  have someone from each institution attend, flush out requirements, write tickets, separate strands of what we are doing now & what we would like to do in the future
    • potential breakouts - institutions coming from the same systems (e.g. Voyager) meet to work on data migration collectively
    • who will attend from this group?  10ish people will definitely attend.  Chicago undecided, Lehigh undecided
      • Cornell, Texas A&M, Patty +others 

FOLIO working meeting 2019 (See line #12 on the meeting details tab)

25Inventory demoDaleDale will give a demonstration of code he has been working on to load data into inventory  → postponed until next week

Link to Acquisitions Interface Fields
Link to  FOLIO Record Data Elements  (contains links to specific spreadsheets, but most of them are not up to date.)

Action Items

Anne L. Highsmith was requested to clarify the situation with the Zoom account.