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  • Disucss JIRA Tickets on Security Issues

Discussion items

  • new members ?
  • need a not taker: Florian

Wayne is going to create 4 JIRA Ticktes about the security topics.

The issues are considered technical debt.

Let's look at the tickets.

Meeting Notes:

Wayne, Jo and Ingolf had a productive discussion about security issues yesterday. The JIRA tickets will be created in the next days and Wayne will send the links to the Sysops SIG.

Prioritize topics for next sessions
  • Upgrading and updating database schemas
    • has good support from TC
    • is on the list of technical debt
    • UXPROD-1815 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Integrations prerequisites
    • needs to be done soon in order to influence development priorities
    • implementing institutions are probably just in the analysis of what data and what APIs they need
  • Dependency resolution

Meeting Notes:

Upgrading and updating database schemas:

Jakub has posted a comprehensive answer to the ticket. The topic is supported by the TC and will be adressed by Taras.

Integration prerequisites / List of integrations

Should we compore the integrations lists with JIRA to see what is still missing? E.g. SIP2 is already adressed well in JIRA (can be searched by labels: external_sys_int). Besides the list of integrations now has a column with corresponding JIRA tickets. IDM and bulk load of user data will be discussed in in usermanagement SIG and mod-user-import has been developed for importring user data from campus systems.

It seems best to show this topic and the list to the implementers group. They should know exactly what they need for a productive environment, Tod will involve them in the meeting next week. Tod and Ingolf will then report back.

OKAPI package

Meeting notes:

Jo has supplied a debian package for OKAPI that solves a command line password problem. Users that run Folio on Debian can start testing it. Wayne recommends forking to his own github account and making a pull request to the offical folio github.

Ingolf posted these lines about this meeting to the FOLIO Project Report (I put this here just for reference):

7/19 - SysOps had a discussion about deployment security items in a small group. Jo Drexl put a Debian package of Okapi to gitlab (a local github solution). Chris Creswell and Florian will test it. Wayne will create Jira tickets about Okapu security. 

Integrations prerequisites will need to be addressed now in order to influence development priorities. The group has compiled a comprehensive spreadsheet about institutional integrations. This also includes listings of related Jira tickets. There is also a wiki space under the SysOps wiki page which lists required integrations. SysOps SIG will pass on this work to the Implementations Group. Implementing Institutions will be asked to identify gaps. - SysOps SIG sees its further role in implementing and testing the integrations

Action items