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Jason Root

Taras Spashchenko

Anton Emelianov

Ian Hardy

Discussion items

Jason Root explained that Tamu is working on an implementation timeline for Folio - with a go-live goal of Summer 2020.

  • Production-ready K8s/Rancher infrastructure needs to be in place by the Fall 2019.
  • Decided on a stand-alone production K8s cluster for live Folio, with separate clusters for Folio testing, Folio training, other projects and so on.
  • Using Rancher Server for control plane, RancherOS for the K8s nodes and VMware provisioner.

Anton Emelianov discussed benefits of CI/CD deployments using K8s and multi-tenants.

  • Current CI/CD builds from merging on Master, with a single tenant, can create problems - as we've all seen.

Taras Spashchenko outlined the work he has been doing with module schema versioning, upgrading of schemas and data when a back-end module is upgraded and introduces db changes.

  • Started with simple use-case, changing the structure of the jsonb.
  • Modules should be in charge of validating and migrating the data between themselves.
  • Anton Emelianov relayed that Hongwei Ji suggested for a module to connect to more than one db, so data migrations could happen from one db instance to another in the event of jsonb structure or schema changes.
  • At present, a back-end storage module cannot connect to more that one db at a time. If this needs to change, a lot of work will have to be done from the development side. Perhaps there could be a single "migration" module that could do this for storage module schema upgrades?
  • Currently, no way to validate the data from within Postgres once it has been migrated. Maybe there are Postgres extensions for this?

Ian Hardy updated us on the core-team's work with K8s integration with Jenkins CI/CD. There are several tickets in Jira that are being looked at.

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