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Discussion items

15 minGenerating Kubernetes YAML from LaunchDescriptor JSONWayne Schneider / Ian Hardy

FOLIO-2185 - Getting issue details... STATUS FOLIO-2236 - Getting issue details... STATUS FOLIO-2234 - Getting issue details... STATUS FOLIO-2235 - Getting issue details... STATUS FOLIO-2219 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Meeting notes

Operational metadata for modules running in containers is being added to the launch descriptor section of module descriptors. This includes

  • Command line arguments
  • Memory requirements
  • Environment variables, including database connection settings

For examples, see modules referenced in  FOLIO-2234 - Getting issue details... STATUS .

In addition, a utility for processing the updated module descriptors and producing YAML for Kubernetes deployment is available at

0 minDemo of Ansible playbooks for standing up and maintaining Kubernetes clusters on EKSDeferred
15 minDemo/presentation on TAMU setup

Meeting notes

Jason demonstrated his current Kubernetes/Rancher configuration. With templates, he can stand up a cluster in about 10 minutes on TAMU's internal VMWare infrastructure.

Topics for 18 Sept:

It seems possible that this subgroup has run its course. After the meeting of the 18th, we will consider sunsetting the group if there is no longer a need for it.

Action items