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  • Agenda for WolfCon

Discussion items

  • Introductions
  • Review Action Items
  • Note taking: Florian

Security Level in Jira IssuesIngolf

for example FOLIO-2287 - Getting issue details... STATUS →  Anton Emelianov ?

Meeting Notes:

The ticket is locked to a jira group "SysOps" that does not have the same people that the SysOps meetings.

 Agenda for WolfCon

WolfCon Jan 22-24, 2020, in College Station, Texas A&M University

Draft Agenda by Nov 18

Topics for Sessions / Time Slots

Please submit FOLIO Plenary suggestions here

Please submit FOLIO meeting requests through this link

Meeting Notes:

Who is attending? Brandon, Ian, Jason, Steven, Aaron from Five Colleges

Possible topics:

  • MVP as part of implementation strategy
  • Update strategies / data migration: transfering data from one folio release to the next
  • Backup strategies
  • Database solutions / High-availability PostgreSQL / Load-balancing / pgpool
  • Using OKAPI as orchestration tool
  • Overview of the Texas A+M Folio infrastructure
  • Data loading / data migration: importing records, users, orders, vendors,... from existing systems, performance issues using business logic APIs

Review Action Items

Build an system architecture guide should be ranked higher / is still in progress.

Kubernetes/Rancher documentation in github is created.

Action items