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  • Agenda for WolfCon

Discussion items

  • Introductions
  • Note taking:

 Agenda for WolfCon

WolfCon Jan 22-24, 2020, in College Station, Texas A&M University

Topics for Sessions / Time Slots

Please submit FOLIO Plenary suggestions here

Please submit  FOLIO meeting requests

 through this link

Message from Paula Sullenger (Nov 14):

"Just a reminder to have agenda ideas submitted by Monday, if possible. At this point the planning group needs to know how many rooms we need, so please submit your session topic, approximate number of attendees, and if you think you’ll need Zoom. You can firm up your agenda later.

Also, there is a new Slack channel for discussing FOLIO issues for the upcoming WOLFCon: # folio-wolfcon2020."

WolfCon Registration Link

Meeting Notes of Nov 8:

Who is attending? Brandon, Ian, Jason, Steven, Aaron from Five Colleges

11/14 addendum: Phil (Cornell) will also attend. Dale has to go (smile)

Possible topics:

  • MVP as part of implementation strategy
  • Update strategies / data migration: transfering data from one folio release to the next
    • with or w/o a downtime ?
    • We just need to make it work (Brandon)
    • At this point important: how do I update right now ?
    • What do we want to implement ? (Jo)
    • Q4 is the version most institutions are going to go live with
    • ~50 features of MVP are not going to be done in Q4
    • Tod: Bug fixing and features and technical debt are going to be mixed in Q1/2020
  • Backup strategies
  • Database solutions / High-availability PostgreSQL / Load-balancing / pgpool
  • Using OKAPI as orchestration tool
  • Overview of the Texas A+M Folio infrastructure
  • Data loading / data migration: importing records, users, orders, vendors,... from existing systems, performance issues using business logic APIs

Meeting Notes 11/15

We defined three sessions for WolfCon:

  1. System update strategies.

Proposed agenda or outcome: Database and deployment (module) update strategies. How do we want system updates to work ? How does it work now (in Q4) ? We should start a documentation for sys admins.

Approx. 30 attendees.

Attendees: SysOps SIG, Core Team, Implementers

Need Microphone, Projector, Whiteboard & markers.

Moderator:  Jason

2. Infrastructure

Proposed agenda or outcome: Everyone on the table present their infrastructure design. Special focus on Texas A&M Folio infrastructure. This also touches Integrations.

Outcome: Getting to know each others infrastructure plans or actual setup.

Approx. 20 attendees.

Desired Attendess: SysOps SIG, Reps. from DevOps & Core Team

Need Microphone, Projector, Whiteboard & markers.

Moderator: Ian Walls

3. Database solutions & Backup strategies

Proposed agenda or outcome:

i) Determine viable solutions for a high-availability database production system. Document our solutions. Consider load balancing tools and mechanisms for database clustering.

ii)) Determine viable solutions for backup strategies.

Approx. 20 attendees

Attendees: SysOps SIG, DevOps, Implementers

Need Microphone, Projector, Whiteboard & markers.

Moderator: Dale.

Action items