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Discussion items

5WelcomeDaleSomeone who hasn't done it in a while should take notes.
5Migration experiences and issuesVarious

Where are we with bulk API support for data migration? Let's discuss this, what still needs to be done, and why it is taking so long. Also, Theodor may be able to report for us on a test harness he hoped to create for bugfest to see if a migration procedure can be properly integrated, tested and supported, along with the rest of the automated testing that goes on.


Ingolf: We need to talk anbout documentation of import mechanisms. Need a central place to start with.

Where do we stand with the development of the features that we requested ?

  • If an Import fails, which record(s) were causing the problem ?
  • A Delete and an Update is missing

Jon reports memory issues. For Inventory bulk queries there is a Docker max memory as well as a Java JVM memory limit. Java hits an "outOfMemory" in Heap Space.

We need Streaming on all APIs to avoid these memory limits.

Here are the Features that are assigned to Ian: project = "UX Product" AND assignee = sekjal ORDER BY key ASC
Whoops - the URL:

Dale will get in touch with Ian to report about the progress in development.

Action items

Dale Arntson will call special meeting to discuss improvements to migration of open loan data.

Dale Arntson will facilitate agenda creation using the slack channel.

Dale Arntson will set up a topic backlog page.