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EDT 10:00 am to 11:00 am


Discussion items





10:00Start of the meeting:

Working on the list: Why haven't certain points been ranked?.

Individual availability: Uwe: Not the most fudamental point. Maybe shouldnt be ranked that high (R3) sounds appropriate. Is needed for feature completion.

Limitations: Uwe: Important for their libraries but this process wont be finished till then so they are going to start with a workaround.

Stewart: Could be integrated via notes but should NOT be a permanent solution.

Additional Information: Visibility of notes e.g.

HRID: Stewart: at the moment its uuid only. ads a lot of latency to the process. Uwe: System is working with Hrid like (BVnr) in Discovery so they dont use the uuid there at all. Vufind should be able the keep its flexiblity (uuid and hrid)

Directions to other systems: Is it needed within within folio? Or a discovery service? Uwe: would be nice for institutions that host a whole library network to cut back on indivdual solutions


Which delivery mehtod for which item/patron combination: Three options for patron specific informations: 1. providing the patron account while rtac call 2. rtac delivers a list of possibilites of different user groups 3. have this in the patron and having this in a 2 step algorithm a) system calls for my special availability b) perform order.

Laura: would we need to expose circulation rules

Phil: Example: What kind of user is the person => are they taking a certain course/are in certain position.

Uwe should we group certain ideas?

Uwe is going to add more informations to the point and we can discuss with Khalilah.

Phil is goint to add his input to the spreadsheet

Estimate delivery day: Uwe: currently available within their services and well liked. There are different delivery times depending on location.

Laura: How should this be implemented? What with different times for different service points?

Phil: Give the User the choice of location/pickup time. → needs user info?

Terms of use: postpone this, and get an overview over the issue

Serial Data Display (Items): Should this be solved via extra calls or within rtac? Should be discussed within the next meeting again.


Should be discussed again

Serial Data Display, Which delivery mehtod for which item/patron combination

Next meeting (two weekly)

10:50End of the meeting