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Cloud - Amazon Web Services (AWS)

One possible approach

Cloud - Other

TBD...  KubernetesIBM SoftlayerAzure?  

On Premise


Local - Virtual Machine(s)


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  1. It seems that Docker (or at least containerization) is presumed in all instances.  While I don't doubt that it makes sense, I think it would be worthwhile explaining if it is required, or just a really, really good idea.  It will represent a learning curve for many folks, and understanding the tradeoffs will help people decide whether to invest in that up-front.

  2. Christopher Manly – I think containerization is certainly a convenient pattern for a microservices platform. I suspect that it will be required in some way to participate in the app marketplace (container images are very convenient to distribute).

    On another note, with the large number of moving parts, some kind of orchestration and configuration management software is very helpful – not sure where that fits in.