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The SysOps & Management SIG has created a Kubernetes Subgroup.

The members of this subgroup are people who :

  • Have an interest in deploying FOLIO using Kubernetes for container orchestration

Charge of the Kubernetes Subgroup

Areas of concern:

  • Best practices for deploying FOLIO using Kubernetes orchestration
  • FOLIO development related to Kubernetes integration
  • CI processes utilizing Kubernetes for more agile development


  • Documentation for FOLIO deployment using Kubernetes
  • Identification of opportunities for FOLIO development related to Kubernetes integration; creation of JIRA tickets; prioritization

Subgroup Members

Vince BareauEBSCO
Index Data
Index Data
Index Data
Index Data
Taras SpashchenkoEPAM
U Colorado



Kubernetes documentation

Rancher documentation

White papers

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