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The Technical Council's charter is here. We were officially formed 7 June, 2018.

The role of the Tech Council is to:

  1. Set general technical direction, carefully abiding by our ‘local decision making where possible’ guiding principle. 
  2. Define processes, procedures and standards required for contributing code to the project
  3. Mediate technical conflicts between collaborators or foundation projects
  4. Proactively advise the Product Council on technical issues that will require effort and prioritization
  5. Respond to requests from the Product Council on technical issues

Technical Resource Needs in FOLIO - As of March 2020

Members are:

About us

The Technical Council (TC) will set general technical direction, provide technical guidance to the Product Council, lead technical on boarding, set technical standards and mediate technical disagreements amongst the community when needed.

Communication Channels

See FOLIO Communication Spaces for more details about the project's communication channels.


The Technical Council meets via Zoom on Wednesdays at 11am Eastern U.S. Time (see time in your timezone).  We meet using this Zoom URL:

For more details, see the Technical Council Meeting Tasks and Notes.

Our meeting recordings are here.

SIG Convener

For more information about the Technical Council, contact the convener, Mike Gorrell.

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