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=========== Discussion Topics for Wednesday 6/6 @ 9:00AM EST ===========

Meeting recording

In attendance:

  • Jakub Skoczen
  • Mike Gorrell
  • Zak Burke
  • Vince Bareau
  • Mark Veksler


Review/discuss comments (if any) from the Product council.

  • If there are no comments, will need to gently nudge the PC the next day for them to submit their comments no later than 6/14 (Peter, could you take this action item?)

Discuss next steps

  1. Establish regular meeting time

Tentative: Thursdays after 10am Central / 11am Eastern

From Tod:

Tuesdays after 12pm Central / 1pm Eastern

Wednesdays between 12pm Central / 1pm Eastern and 3pm Central / 4pm Eastern

Thursdays after 10am Central / 11am Eastern

If we think early morning:

Mon or Thu before 8am Central / 9am Eastern

Fridays (mid-morning) open up starting in July.

Appoint a convener

    1. Rotate the responsibility every quarter
    2. Mike Gorrell has volunteered
    3. Setup a space on the Wiki, conf. #

Prioritize key deliverables and agree delivery milestones

    1. Definition of what constitutes the FOLIO Platform vs Core Apps vs FOLIO Apps - on an ongoing basis (owner: Jakub/lead + VInce)
      1. Definition and current list
      2. Where will they live?  → wiki
    2. Establish infrastructure and define RFC process (use Stripes as an ‘inspiration’) -- Vince/lead + Jakub
    3. Definition of Done (include multiple stakeholders) (owner MARK V)
      1. May need to pull in additional people from other teams
    4. On-boarding documentation for developers, testers and others (Zak)
      1. Include back-end pieces
    5. Process for engaging TC (MDG)

Establish a backlog of technical decisions to be made, e.g. Workflow engine.

  • E.g., tech decisions queuing up:WFE: build vs “buy”(from Tod) MarcCat integration
    • Concerns about keeping redundant stores of MARC records in sync (MarcCat and FOLIO will have redundant stores of MARC records)
    • Related to a discussion about microservices and for eventual consistency of data.

Decisions made:

  • Established regular meeting times: Thursdays at 11am ET
  • Assigned a convener: Mike Gorrell
    • Will be a rotating responsibility on a quarterly basis
  • Agreed on the initial 5 key deliverables and assigned ownership
    • Definition of FOLIO Platform/Core Apps – Jakub (lead) + Vince
    • Define an RFC process and establish an infrastructure to capture/process RFCs  -- Vince (lead) + Jakub
    • Definition of Done – Mark V.
    • Onboarding documentation/process for developers, testers, etc – Zak
    • Establish Process for engaging TCs -- mdg

Action items:

  • Remind PC to submit their comments re: TC Charter (Peter Murray)
  • Send out calendar invites to the TC recurring (weekly initially) meeting starting from Thursday, June 14 (mdg)
  • Setup a TC area on the wiki page (mdg)
  • Present key deliverable strawmans (owners as per deliverables listed above)