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We agreed to a new weekly meeting time: Wednesday's at 11am Eastern time (US).

Discussion surrounded previous action items' status. Focused primarily on the documentation action item. Zak_Burke shared his outline and the team discussed. We review some pages that exist, including the Developer's Curriculum and other material at Zak has been looking to connect with David Crossley who has also been reviewing and cleaning up documentation (see this). Zak will look to make more progress over the next two weeks.

We briefly discussed UXPROD-330 and the potential TC decision/role. More discussion needed.

The Convener (Mike Gorrell) has also been hindered by a business travel/vacation schedule and will look to make progress on building out the Tech Council's site, setting up action items, etc, over the next two weeks.

Team agreed to cancel the meeting next week due to the July 4th holiday in the US. Next meeting is Wednesday July 11, 2018.