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Discussion items

30 minutesDiscuss/update on previous action items and backlog items underwayTeam
10 minutes Gap Analysis and Release PlanMark V Latest thinking, planning and presentation to the PC regarding releases, early implementer go-live dates and resource planning 
15 minutesCode release management discussionTeam

Related to build process discussions - what's the state and direction for building versions of FOLIO and officially supported environments, use of tags/labels, managing dependencies, etc. Per Tod's email:

Not having a stable release environment is blocking ERM. Ian Ibbotson brought this to Mike and Kristin. Ian will characterize the blockage and send something to the TC.

There is a sense of urgency around getting stable releases, and that the ERM group believes they cannot really assign work to devs without stable releases.

5 minutesNew business?

Action items and Notes

  • Discussion around the build process, the TC's backlog item, work that's being done by the core team. Not a lot of documentation/clarity on exactly what is happening so we'll try and provide some insight.
  • Zak_Burke will provide a few sentences that describe the current efforts.
  • Jakub Skoczen will send Mike Gorrell a JIRA filter that will identify all build related improvement activities. 
  • TC will reconnect on this item in a future meeting.