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  • Wrap up hard-coded lists quickly
    • what kind of tools are available to help module builders make controlled vocabularies?
    • do module builders know about these these tools, do they need encouragement?
  • Expand AES discussion and resolve questions on draft AES document
    • Try to make as much progress out of band before meeting
  • Main event: Workflow discussion. Consider this presentation
    • Come to agreement on resources on scoping Camunda implementation (slide 11)
    • Discuss steps and timeframes for teams integrating with Camunda and then coming up to speed (slide 12)

  • Consortia model (if time)
  • Backlog:
    • Potential item: is OKAPI-241 a topic for the TC backlog? Description fields in JSON schemas are useful documentation and there is potential to use the  to generate data dictionaries.

Discussion items

5minAssign notetakerZak_Burke
10minHard-coded lists

PC recording from 2018-08-09, discussion spans15:02-25:28

  • folks at Stacks (who are doing the dev work) and Ann-Marie Breaux (from the related SIG) are discussing the current implementation; hard-coding lists was a deliberate choice at the time.
  • we do have a generic UI component for maintaining "controlled vocab" lists though data-storage is module-local
  • Ian Ibbotson notes it would be great to link to live examples from the Ansible Playbook
  • Jakub Skoczen will coordinate doc updates with David Crossley
20minAES discussion (followup on out-of-band discussions)

Okapi Asynchronous Event Service (AES) DRAFT

  • goal is a detailed-enough proposal that we can establish features and expectations without requiring a specific implementation, i.e. a publication/subscription service that generates events we can feed to a message-queue such as Kakfa or RabbitMQ
  • current assumptions
    • system is built into Okapi; source of a message is Okapi itself, not an individual module
    • message producers are implicit: Okapi will capture data, produce messages
    • message consumers are explicit: could be other modules, could be completely external systems
  • Vince Bareau will continue to refine this document in preparation for formal RFC
  • there are some specific technical concerns about Camunda: how will it handle multi-tenant interactions; what does its concept of a "user" mean in the context of use by Folio?
  • consensus that we need detailed use-cases to move ahead with evaluation of any particular solution; probably we can only get that by assigning a PO, an architect/senior dev, maybe (probably) some time from devops to fill out the backlog for a meaningful proof-of-concept implementation
  • Tod Olson will confer with Mike Gorrell to whack out a rough proposal to PC within the next week or two
20minConsortia model
did not discuss; pushed to backlog
5minBacklog and action items

OKAPI-241, use description field in JSON schemas

  • consensus: probably this is good policy; first set policy and add to documentation (Jakub Skoczen will ask David Crossley), then can become an execution task for teams

Action items