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  • General update on backlog
  • Introduce Stripes 1.0 document/effort

Discussion items

20 minutesBacklog reviewTeam

Get updates on backlog items.

  • Workflow PoC
  • Definition of Done
    • EBSCO team has made some revisions of DoD for the EBSCO teams, is documenting and will publish. Draft marks some items as mandatory, but some cannot be really made mandatory yet. Veksler thinks will need to revisit quarterly and raise the bar over time.
10 minutesQ3 Hardening Sprint Jakub 

Provide update/get feedback on plans for a Q3 sprint to harden the release. 

Q3 Release Management

Q3 Release Definition of Done

For reference: Eclipse Project's Simultaneous Release process.

10 minutesStripes 1.0 DocumentMike GorrellIntroduce Stripes 1.0 document and effort
TBDNew businessTeamNew backlog items:
  • prioritized skillset needs of the project
  • Quarterly Release planning calendar
  • other?

Action items