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Discussion items

30 minLibrary Data Platform Architecture (Reporting)Nassib
  • Overview of doc, status, update
 15 minAES RFP  Mike GDecide who will review 
15 minStripes Framework discussionMike G

Decide next steps - update from Taras:

The work on the Stripes Framework got overshadowed by the preparation for the release. Frontside has 2 people allocated to the project and they’ve been fully occupied by improving the release process and improving test coverage. I would love to return to this work in about 2-3 weeks once release stabilizes but our contract with EBSCO is coming to an end so I’m not sure if that will be possible.

Action items

Stripes Framework. Update from Jakub Skoczen:


The plan for the Stripes 1.0 is as follows:

* Jeffrey Cherewaty (Frontside) will take over from Taras Mankowski as the person to coordinate the document. 

* He will have a new draft ready later today The plan for this draft is to identify weaknesses/threats in the framework and propose ways to address them. 

* The document will be renamed to "Stripes ecosystem evaluation" to reflect the fact that it has a slightly different purpose (Stripes 1.0 is already out but the original document did not have any impact on its scope)

* Jeffrey will put together conversations around the document, involving the guys from the stripes-architecture team. Those conversations will generate priorities for things captured in the document.

* Jeffrey will present the document and the priorities to the TC for review in the week of Oct 29. We will have the pleasure of trying to figure out how to find resources to address those priorities.

That is all.

AES Reviewers. Assignment happened via Slack channel. Review due 26-October