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Unfortunately no recording of this meeting was made.

Discussion items

10 minERM DiscussionVince Bareau

 Discuss ERM effort, current dialog/debate

 40 minReporting DiscussionMike Gorrell

Review DRAFT of FOLIO Reporting Blue Print

Action items coming out of the meeting/discussion:

  1. TC to review and comment/edit the presentation.
  2. Add pros/cons/implications of each of the options presented on 'Options" slide
  3. Be prepared to discuss in TC meeting on 7-Nov-2018 in prep for discussions with Reporting SIG and then presentation to PC

10 minDB Migration (Deferred to next week)Mark Veksler

For the upcoming TC meeting, could we please add this to the agenda so that we can cover the following:


  • Request all module developers to provide DB migration support OR at the very least, flag those modules that had schema changes (include in the definition of done and ensure compliance by having POs only accept a story if there is db migration support)
  • Support cross version upgrade, for example from version 8 to version 10 directly (sort all schema.json elements by modVersion first?)
  • Support downgrade (or backwards compatible?) ---  could prob be deferred
  • Support actual jsonb data migration (or as is by sql?)
  • Potential support for other databases --- could prob be deferred
  • Non-RMB DB modules

New Business