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10 minPerformance IssuesJakub

Postgres allows full-text indexing similar to some other search solutions such as Solr. Are adding full-text fields to inventory incrementally.Text-based searching is fine, but when combined with identifiers such as barcodes, start seeing performance problems. It's an effect of mixing sorting and search for an identifier together. (In other cases we see extremely good responses.) Heikki is working on this, but we would like to draw on some Postgres expertise from the community to help.

This is critical because while we have addressed many inventory performance issues this quarter, but this is a roadblock. And we can expect this to show up in other module.

 10 min DB Migration Tasks Mark Veksler

 Deferred from last week:

  • Request all module developers to provide DB migration support OR at the very least, flag those modules that had schema changes (include in the definition of done and ensure compliance by having POs only accept a story if there is db migration support)
  • Support cross version upgrade, for example from version 8 to version 10 directly (sort all schema.json elements by modVersion first?)
  • Support downgrade (or backwards compatible?) ---  could prob be deferred
  • Support actual jsonb data migration (or as is by sql?)
  • Potential support for other databases --- could prob be deferred
  • Non-RMB DB modules

Outcome: Agreed it's a good hygienic practice. How and when to implement? Rely on POs. Don't expect for Q4. Need a communication plan: Action - Mike Gorrell to follow up with Jakub and Team Leads by December 7, 2018 on a more detailed plan. Jakub to post a message to Slack before 14-Nov-2018 and mention in next Sprint Review.

40 minReporting Blue PrintAll TC members

Review the draft document and decide on recommended direction