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Discussion items

2 minutesConsortiaMike Gorrell

Introduce Consortia SIG's questions - to be discussed in next meeting

See FOLIO Product Council Agenda/Minutes- 11/7/18.

10 minutes Workflow PoC Peter Murray

Peter will update us on the PoC with BP3, Jeremy and William. Report being created - tech/implementation portion has completed. Claims returns and purchase requests were the workflows that were chosen. Some FOLIO APIs not fully developed. Working on Mocks to be able to demonstrate in the next sprint review. Working on requirements document for modules interacting with Mod-Camunda and open questions/issues related to integration. Generally, the PoC went well, no significant issues. The remaining large technical piece that needs to be worked out is the notion of long-running auth tokens. How do we want machine driven parts of workflow to be authenticated and recorded in audit logs, etc. Will be providing some estimates as part of the report. Hoping to get the report done by December 1st.

Tech Council requests discussion and demo of PoC output. Peter will pursue.

50 minutesReporting Blue PrintTC

We will discuss the latest blue print document including discussions with Reporting SIG, and discuss next steps.

Current understanding: Reporting SIG wants a monolithic RDBMS for reporting, without the other implications of data warehouse.


  • What does the Reporting SIG understand as production-ready?
  • What are the resourcing needs? (which depend on scope)
  • How will data structure changes in FOLIO modules be handled in transmission to the RDBMS?
  • Action: MDG to ask Nassib and Roman for ideas around productionizing the PoC
?New BusinessopenAnything else the TC should be discussing