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Discussion items

60 minCodex FeedbackTC

Discuss the Codex document and feedback from the TC and community (summary documented before the meeting as an aide to the discussion)


  • Laura & Christie request/suggest RM Sig review these docs.
  • Discussion around Codex vs Inventory (Instance)
    • UI-Inventory conflates managing "Inventory" and managing Holdings and Items. The APIs are already separated.
    • Vince points out that Codex is a broker in that it knows enough about each of the different sets of data it represents. Whereas a "Universal model" that satisfies everyone's needs.
    • Laura feels the instances model is already lean/striped down - not bloated - many fields not required.
    • Tod's suggested that FOLIO search service could perhaps provide services to many modules; maybe the search portion of Inventory could be decoupled and extended to serve searching in other contexts.
    • Recently completed interaction between Acquisitions and Inventory referencing identifiers, not copying data
    • Points made about the need to have further discussion around authority management.
    • Vince and Christie made the point that there is no equivalent "Inventory" Vision
    • Discussion around the use case of "bringing in Archive Space" and how that might work and which direction(s) should be chosen
    • Perhaps we start to think about Inventory as a Staff Discovery tool
  • Vince notes the use cases should/can be used to drive the conversation
  • Vince encouraged by some of the discussion -specifically about how we focus on breaking things into smaller pieces.
  • The end users (Librarians) won't care so much about how the data is organized/managed on the back end.

General conclusion: There are too many open questions and concerns to agree that this document represents the direction we want to head. As written it doesn't. More discussion is needed.

Next Steps:

  1. Is there anything that's being delivered for Chalmers that is impacted by this discussion. There may be some ERM related work that extends Codex Search's capability - No need to change direction for this - proceed as planned.
  2. Having a clear problem statement would be very helpful.
  3. Would be helpful to have a documented responsibility for Inventory

NOTE: Meeting recording: